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PNWSTOG and Puget Sound Safety Dual sport training weekend



It was an awesome weekend of training for the PNWSTOG! We were able to work with the great instructors at Puget Sound Safety/Puget Sound Safety Off Road for a weekend of real world Dual Sport motorcycle training.
Saturday was a special Off-Road 101 class for XLADV bikes like ours. We had a full class of big bikes including 7 Teneres that covered many slow speed drills working on traction and clutch control. I think the most fun they had was going over the logs. After the drills in the green grass, they headed for the hills to learn what to do on the steep stuff.
I know everyone learned a bunch about themselves and what their bike is actually capable of.


Day two of the training weekend was all about the pavement. The MSF Advanced Experienced Rider Course is a course not normally taught by PSS but they did a special class just for us. It’s the most advanced course the MSF teaches. It’s geared toward sport bike riders but the class room and range time covers effective use of corners, riders perception and accident avoidance. It’s such a great class the Department of Defense makes it mandatory for every Soldier, Sailor or Airman that owns a sport bike. The time out on the range is extremely well thought out and useful for anyone with an endorsement. I highly encourage everyone to take a street class, there is always more to learn.
_DSC1563.JPG_DSC1567.JPG_DSC1568.JPG_DSC1585.JPG_DSC1590.JPG_DSC1598.JPG_DSC1599.JPG _DSC1604.JPG


I hope we can make this a yearly event in the spring, it’s valuable information that we as Tenere owners need, weather on or off road.
A huge thank you to Chrissy and Bret Tkacs of Puget Sound Safety. The off road instructors, Chet Mainwaring, Tad Haas and AERC instructors Jim Ward and Jim Paulsen.


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