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2 Wheel Dynoworks



Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 4.24.31 PM.png
Nels Byersdorf at 2 Wheel Dynoworks is the "go to" guy when you need to change the performance of your engine. What Nels mainly does for our bikes is to retune our electronic control unit "ECU" (the computer brain in our bikes),the main improvement is he makes the bike run smoother with a much improved throttle response. Even when your bike is throttle by wire, the modifications make it feel like there is a direct cable between your hand and the engine. Another thing that's possible is he can also program your bike to run on different fuels from regular unleaded to NASCAR race fuel. Just be aware that if he resets your bike for another fuel, that's the only fuel it will be able to run on until it's re tuned. Adjusting fuel economy is possible also.


Getting your ECU re flashed, you have a few options: Go to his shop in Woodenville, Wa. or remove and mail your ECU to him. Turn around time is quick at a week for about $350.00. Your bike shouldn't need to be put on a Dyno unless you have it set up bike differently then the current "maps" he has on file. (different header or muffler combination) When your ECU arrives,Nels installs it with the "ECU Unleashed" program


Here is info from the ECU Unleashed website
ECU unleashed Performance Reflash


Eliminate Factory Restrictions- Unleash up to 10% more power
Increase Acceleration & Top Speed
Improve Throttle Response & Control


Improve Fuel & Ignition Maps
Eliminate Factory Throttle Restrictions
Optimize Throttle Maps
Eliminate Timing Retard
Increase Rev Limit
Remove Factory Top Speed Limiter(s)
Increase Idle (Race Idle)
Eliminate Factory Fuel Cut
Optimize Off-Throttle (Decel) Mapping
Disable Closed Loop Routine (For Use w/ Auto Tuning Air/Fuel Modules)
Disable Factory Error Code(s): Exhaust Servo Motor/Valve, Pair Valve System (Smog Valve), O2 Sensor/Lambda
Disable Factory Immobilizer


*ECUnleashed performance tune files are tested and tuned for maximum power, performance and drive-ability


Nels has done 30+ Teneres ECU " re flashes" already and has the programs ready to upload.


He has been tuning engines for 16 years now and on his own since 2007. Nels can tune whatever you have, weather it's a 260 HP Turbo Heyabusa


or Honda Grom ;-)




He has asked that if you have ever had your bike re flashed by 2 Wheel Dynoworks, please contact him with feedback weather good or bad, its valuable information he needs to get out a better product and service.



Nels can be reached at
14241 NE Woodinville-Duvall Rd #331
Woodenville Wa. 98072
This is his mobile dyno thats he takes to area events.

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