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Panamint Springs Resort.......So a guy walks into a bar.....





This is my second visit to PSR....both thanks to Mr. Hall...


I just wanted to share how awesome the team at PSR is.


The photo above is a Tiger 1200 laying down with a holed oil pan, somewhere near the bottom of Saline Valley....see the close up below of a "bash-plate-fail".


The crinkled corner of the bash plate damaged the oil pan....and hopefully not the crank case.


So....these guys roll in around 8pm
....they've had a long haul back to PSR (couple hours), and need to go back with a truck,
....they explain their dilemma to the PSR folks and what additional tools they need for a long night of repairs,
....a few minutes later, a nice bearded gentleman shows up with a grinder, hacksaw, and extension cord,
....and says, just bring them back when you are done, let me know if you need anything else.


I look forward to going back.


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That guy at PSR is really cool.  I can't remember his name but he's always been really cool.  His gf/wife? works at the restaurant there too and is very sweet.  They probably deal with those types of things on a weekly basis.

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