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The Shark Helmets

Julia Johnsons






Shark - one of the pillars of manufacturers of helmets for motorcyclists. This is - cheap, but quality and reliable "machine" to protect the head. By the way, when conflicts often happens, the rider in the fall primarily hits the mountain bike helmets and he takes over the first portion of the energy of the collision. That's why the quality of the helmet, and it is very important - its good condition and the precise size play a crucial role.


The design of these helmets can be considered universal - Shark brand does not produce compartmentalized models to closed circles of fans. The audience of fans of the company -. The mass consumer company Shark is one of the leading positions in the sector. Considerable volumes of production and sales ensure the application of the most advanced methods to develop new models. Among these methods - proven models of modernization practice. That is the model Shark S600 has been conceived - is a good upgrade predecessor, S800.


Even the bottom of the model keeps the same direction - Shark S700. In this model, as in the whole range of Shark, includes such important technical indicators - shell strength of thermoplastic compositions and interior arrangement. This helmet can be removed in a science fiction film.


The interior of the helmet structure is characterized by a variable density of filler - it allows you to achieve a uniform distribution of energy at impact. This superior quality helmet is complemented by other optional characteristics:


This is complemented by a set of traditional mandatory in different models of innovations and modifications. For example, Shark Skwal - the first helmet with integrated LED lights, Shark Speed-the R - the unique aerodynamics and increased comfort for the head, Shark the Vision-the R .,


With its slightly modernized form are developed and model - transformers. One of the latest, modular best mountain bike helmet.


Shark Evoline 3 rid of the annoying lack of many models - is now opening its "jaws" does not require the opening of the visor. This is - an innovative full visor for Shark helmet. Reduced almost 200 grams of weight of this helmet makes it perhaps the leading low-cost segment of transformers range.


In a very large range of models of Shark highlights some instances with unique properties, it is the original design, and other non-standard qualities. This is the model


Shark the Raw - very beautiful, laconic composition, competes with her ​​laconic and expressive model Shark Nano for the urban user, is still popular Helmet Shark Race-R Pro, which is over 3 years. The lineup


Shark Heritage is known for its optical qualities for example - a wonderful opportunity to review the simplicity of care for the optical part.


Quite a variety of models complicates the seemingly choice. In fact, there is another - for each user who wants to purchase a personal inexpensive but practical helmet, there is always a picture with the characteristics in the catalog online - shop, and careful handling will make the helmet duty and reliable.


The French company Shark allows himself to come up and do the trendy model. In this series - matte helmets Shark Vancore and least popular among motorcyclists Shark Explore-R. The constant quest, and therefore - and the findings lead to an increase in wanting to buy a helmet Shark - simple, beautiful and fashionable means of rider safety.



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