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Eric Hall




I try to be nice.  But I still have to be true to who I am.  I’m a market researcher by trade and we’re paid for our objectivity, accountability and transparency.  I’m paid to tell the truth whether or not that’s convenient to someone’s marketing objectives.

That may be in a way how I’ve shaped XLADV.  I want this community to be real.  I really do want it to be positive though as well.  I embrace the vendor community (some say too much?) but I also have to stay true to the objectivity and will call BS when I see it.  Precious few have been “thrown under the bus” and I think I’ve been pretty even-handed but community members are going to say whatever is on their minds.

There are plenty of industry hacks, obsequious and sycophantic yes-men there to fill that space the vendor/manufacturer community thinks they want.  More savvy marketers have embraced the community and opted for reality, credibility and a take-it-as-it comes approach but it seems there are still a few old school holdouts who are desperately clinging to their trained seal media.

They’re afraid.  They’ve even told me so.  They say they’d love to leverage this community but the upper levels see it as a potential liability given other “mutinies” over at GS Giants (“shhhh! you’ll scare away our sponsor money!”) and AOLrider (where few companies fear to tread).

And boy is being a trained seal profitable!  Maybe I’m just jealous that I cannot yet afford a shiny new new Sprinter or Tundra or a stable of bikes to evaluate long term.

Remember the list we compiled of the companies ADV riders should avoid for their contribution to groups shutting down responsible vehicular access to our public lands?  Well a lot of those companies are still trying to have it both ways and marketing themselves to the off road riding motorcycle/ATV markets.  Examples: YETI, Marmot, MSR, Big Agnes, etc…  What are these media outlets going to say when our riding areas are closed like they are on the East Coast and Europe and one of us points out how they carried that company’s water who funded the entire campaign?  Yes I know, they’ll delete the comment!  lol

Just the other day I saw one of our media friends (we are actually friends, btw) post a review of one of these offending companies’ products.  I said something like “great product but it’s too bad they contribute to groups shutting down responsible vehicular access to our public lands.”  So not a slam on their journalism.  Not even a slam of the product’s quality…. just a bit of accountability directed at the manufacturer (I tagged them).

And…. the comment was deleted.  But I’m not surprised as I did it to see if it would be deleted.  I was proved right.  By deleting it they weren’t saying “you can’t insult my writing like that!” or “you can’t insult this product like that!” but more like “you can’t make my client look bad like that!”

So keep that in your mind next time you’re sensing a bit of a divergence between what you read elsewhere and what you read here at XLADV.com.  I do want to keep it positive but at the same time real.

They can have their business model.  I’ll stick to mine, thanks.




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Having worked in several industries were getting product to media is the name of the game, I found the XLADV.com community to be genuine. I think your on to something, and as your communities grows, hopefully so does the no BS culture that myself and others enjoy here. 

As they use to say, Stand by your guns...

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Being genuine and the "no BS" aspect of this site is what attracted me at first.  I like the honest reviews, the thoughtful dialogue and the minimal amount of 'flame wars' that are part of this community. I have been on plenty of forums where the primary objective to any asked question is to point out what a dumb-ass you are for not using the SEARCH BAR and wait for a dozen others to take a dump down your neck until someone potentially gives you some assistance. That does not happen at this web site. (unless I started it by accident)  This site is also not shoveling advertisements at us with sponsor driven agendas. Example: an older forum used to harass you if you mentioned any other tire than DUNLOP. Why? Sponsors were footing the bill for the website.  So far no one here has told me to Eff-off as of yet, so I am sticking around. ;)

Keeping it honest and consistent, right here at XLADV.

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I appreciate the XL community and the matter of fact delivery I've experienced.


Be nice, be kind but don't bullshit and be direct.  Sadly some will take offence and be offended, hopefully they can figure out how to pull their big boy/girl panties up and deal with reality.


Sorry I've never had a filter and can't be offended ;)

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