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Size Matters

Eric Hall


Size matters.

It does! (snicker) For adventure bikes, at least ;)

The smaller bikes are more fun and forgiving off-road but then they compromise considerably with cargo carrying capacity, fuel range, highway comfort, service intervals, etc…

Bigger bikes can surely carry more stuff (even a pillion) and cruise more comfortably and further on the highway, but it takes a bit more skill than most have to confidently handle them in the more difficult terrain with all that weight. Leave you gear at camp and they become even more fun.

A lot of us big bike riders kind of like that challenge and have found that while most of the world’s roads are in fact dirt, they’re not all that bad. We may not take the hard way to Magadan or attempt to cross the Simpson Desert, but we'll get there just the same.

At XLADV we get that. Size matters.


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