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    I had a '13 GSA 1200. It was too big for me.
    "Pick a standard 1200, no?"
    No, because I love the rugged bulkyness of the Adventure models.

    So...here's the new toy! A 2013 F800GSA, "sand beige" color, with only 16k KMs, and full optional: Full aluminium panniers set with BMW internal bags for the side panniers, heated grips, ESA, ABS/ASC, on-board computer, 2 riding modes (Road/Enduro), LED foglights, LED blinkers, and maybe even something else.
    Plus, the previous owner installed a couple toys that I would've installed anyway: crash bars for the "tank" (by GIVI), a bigger skidplate (GIVI again), and the expanded sidestand base (no idea who made it).

    After a full day of riding, I can say I'm VERY satisfied. Fuel consumption is ridicolously low, the bike's very comfortable (solo and with pillion), and most importantly, it's FIFTY KILOGRAMS lighter than both my previous GSA1200 and my ex-SuperTenere.

    I've only found 3 things I don't like on this bike:
    1- Sound. Easily fixable with a proper exhaust.
    2- Handguards. They leave half my hand exposed to air/cold.
    3- Windscreen. It's big, but it leaves my head exposed.

    Again, I can easily fix all these "problems".

    Can't wait to ride more! :)
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    Definitely a good bike, no doubt.
    I have to admit I'm not really the biggest fan of the parallel-twin engine.
    It has power and torque, sure, but I don't like the "curve". It's a tad too linear.
    Another thing I don't like about the S10, it's the...tank. Rather, the size of it. 23liters aren't really a lot, in my opinion, for ADVing or even for simply touring.
    FINALLY (I promise) I feel like the suspension are a tad...lacking. I can't seem to find a proper setting: a couple weeks ago I was touring in Sardinia (Island on the left of Italy), and even with the suspensions stiffened up, the bike was feeling "wobbly".

    Aside from those, I have no other complaints. LOL
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