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    I can't speak as to comparisons with other XC's but for me the c model just made sense with the WP suspension and special mappings. This thing rails out of the box in a very surprising manner for such a large bike on such silly rubber. Really the only bad point of the bike outside of some of the plastic stuff doesn't impress close up but there are aftermarket alternatives .<br />I've ridden it 300 miles of 70/30 and so far in that hundred miles of off road I felt darned near as in control as I do on my YZ or XR over the same ride excepting slick clay mud from log trucks and grass.which made kitty want to either roll or take a nap due to the tires. Other than that it is as competent over loose terrain as it is tarmac and it represents a serious attempt by Triumph to upgrade an already successful ADV bike to something better.<br/>UPDATE: 09/27/16..... Still feel this is a great effort on Triumph's part. I'm over 16,000 now and can't see that any other bike in it's class would fit me as well. Just needed a couple hundred bucks in aluminum protective and adaptive stuff and a couple of good tires. Been to 4 states so far and looking to add Canada and Mexico soon.
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