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    I love this bike. There's a reason Honda hasn't changed much 1993-2015. The seat isn't a sofa, but it doesn't punish you like a dirt bike seat. The stock shenko tires are pretty good all around tires. Accessories are plentiful and inexpensive. Nothing on the bike is going to overly impress you. It's the combination of basic components that work well and reliably.<br /><br />The one significant weakness is the CDI unit.....they are subject to failure. If you start incurring random electrical glitches, you probably need to buy a new CDI unit $200. This is a known issue and it's unacceptable that Honda has not remedied the situation or provided extended warranty replacements with improved units.<br /><br />Anyway, the bike is an outstanding value and a comfortable, reliable dualsport.<br /><br />
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