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    I have had my 2013 BMW F800GS since September of 2012, and have since put 25k miles on it (and counting). It has proved to be a true all-rounder that excels at every task you put it to. Whether it is commuting, canyon carving, eating up freeway miles, packed to the brim for camping, single track, or fire roads, it seems to always be in its element. The only real complaint I have is the stock suspension, and it could use a little more POWER. For most people it is probably adequate. The specs can be deceiving, because it is an extremely versatile little Rotax with power and torque in every nook and cranny of the rev range. However, when you load it up with gear and try to do freeway speeds up steep inclines you can definitely feel the limitation. Other than that, my bike has been absolutely trouble free!

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