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    It sure has !! It has protested many times but at the end of the day it always got me home/back to camp !!.
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    Tyler Theobald posted this important PSA about those who make riding big adventure bikes a negative experience. This is why I started Beyond Starbucks and later this site, XLADV.
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    That stinks,Hope you get feeling better soon, at least you have all winter to recover instead of having to miss all summer,
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    If the bike can take you on your adventure, then it's an adv bike
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    I built the trailer last year for the TouraTech rally.It worked AMAZING !!
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    I'm one of oddballs that thinks a NC700x is a ADV bike.
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    unfortunately Ill have to back out...sorry guys have a good one! -Brian Allison
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    Any chance Eric you sell decals?
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    If only I knew how to ride.
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    Great pics and story! I loved that Ouray Brewing Co rooftop deck!
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