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    Jerry- Based on your comment, I'm assuming you changed you seat? If so to what? Not hijacking this thread. PM is prefered
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    ADVMoto Magazine has this new sister site called ADVMotoEvents and listed our rally, which I think is very cool of them.
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    By mini Africa twin I'm talking about the weird batch of bikes Honda has at one point tried to call adventure bikes. The CB500X, NC750X, CRF250L Rally, and now this X-adv. Not really dirt worthy, but it seems like for about 2 seconds a mid size adventure bike was the intent. Then somewhere along the line the designers found the spare parts bins. A street bike with adventure body work, a big scooter motor in a street bike package, an awesome concept but a 250!?!, and literally an adventure scooter in Africa twin colors.
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    Any idea on the forks? Everything seems to just say "fully adjustable telescopic, USD forks" Ive only seen red tubed Marzoochi forks. The motor i see in the first video looks very much like the husqvarna 610/630 motors. Wonder what kind of oil capacity it will have?? Has potential. Hope this is a company that hears what the people are asking for. Id be all over an affordable rally/adv body style 600ish bike!!! Price wise I see old articles, 2015-2016, expecting anything from 7,000-10,000 euros. so by the time it actually release with a california approved emissions version, it will probably be close to the prices of the liter bike adv bikes. its hard to believe that Husky/KTM are the only companies producing a legit 600-800 dirt focused single/twin cyl dual sport. I look around and see plenty of people screaming for one. seems like nothing but pipe dreams and rumors of Yamaha T7 concept, spy photos of a KTM adv twin, and a mini africa twin.
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    So I reposted one of Ducati USA's videos yesterday on Instagram and I end up getting twice the views (~13k) that they did with half the followers! (65k vs 129k). I sent them a message pointing this out and invited them to our High Sierra event. How cool would it be to have a 1200 Multistrada or 950 there with a factory rider?!
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    I really enjoyed the pots on IG and looking at the whole thread hear....FING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I despise, hate, loathe sand (aka not enough skill and/or experience in it) so most of this would be exhausting sequence of events for me. Two feet, crash, pick up, two feet, crash, pick up...... Thanks to everyone for sharing the photos and videos!!!!!!
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