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    Malcolm is just the nicest guy one could ever meet!!! I bought 2 Husky's from him personally. The 1st one in 1975. A 250 GP. He told me this bike is going to make me love riding!! The 2nd in 1985. I told him On Any Sunday made me cry from the joy he and Steve conveyed to me about motorcycles!! Attached is a pic of one of the trials rider in the film, Gary Steward. He lived near me and taught some trials stuff....
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    MSR hosted a book signing for Malcolm Smith's book "Malcolm!" Right here in my neighborhood in Irvine. Nice sunset Paul Krause's 2004 Redbull KTM factory 950, the last lc8 to race in Dakar Alexander's first Dakar jersey from just two weeks ago! Mark Samuels Colton Udall Alexander is definitely a mini-Malcolm for sure And the man, the legend himself, Mr Malcolm Smith!
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    Kyle Bradshaw from Chapparal reviews the RallZ tire. I'd review mine but they're not worn out yet! lol
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    Dakar 2019 is set for Peru Jan 6-17 and while we don't know the final list of riders at this point, I do know that both Skyler Howes and Garrett Poucher are going to represent the US! I've supported riders before (financially) and this time will be no different but it is personal this time. I had the good fortune of racing and pitting with Garrett and Skyler at Sonora Rally this last March and also raced with Garrett at Baja Rally last year. The amount of effort he expended on my behalf, mostly in prepping my 450X, was really amazing and I'm forever indebted to him for that experience. I said it before but pitting with these guys made it feel like I was backstage with some major musical group. Join me in supporting their bid to get to Dakar this year at this GoFundMe link. Dakar used to be about privateers and still is to an extent. I feel these two not only have a good chance of finishing, but finishing well. Skyler won his first rally raid event at Sonora earlier this year, they both came in third at Baja 1000 (team of 3) and Skyler just won the Baja Rally (by 30 min). They are super nice people and work their asses off.
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    So it turns out two of my racing mates from Sonora Rally, Radek Burkat and Vasile Scurtu, took first and second at the KTM Canada Rally. At first I thought they were from Northern California but they are in fact from BC! I think given their Sonora Rally experience that they'll be uniquely positioned to quite well at Merzouga next year.
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    We were at pit 9 and the mood was very somber because of an accident that had just occurred. Very sad to report the death of a rider, Chris Carlisle. RIP