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    Getting myself one of these Voyager Pro gps units soon and pretty excited! Especially undertaking this LAB2V planning. I'm very interested in the buddy feature where you can see your friends (who have the same unit) on-screen. REVER has this feature too and it's how I found @motochefarwi at TOD last year although that does require cell phone signal whereas the Voyager Pro relies on antennas that have about a 1.5 mile radius but depends mostly on line of sight. I got to demo one at last year's Mojave Rally and I was very interested. I actually still have the antenna on my bike! It will also sync via Bluetooth to your phone allowing you access to your music, messages and phone dialing. I already have a tachometer so I can see that but it would be nice to try and integrate the tach and engine temp features. That's more of a small-bike thing though as this is designed to completely replace whatever existing display is on your dirtbike. I saw they sell a thermostat but it's not something I plan to integrate at this time. As far as mounts go, I'm really not sure how I'll do it. They have a RAM mount accessory and I could easily do that to the handlebars like I have with my current Garmin but that tends to vibrate a lot and move no matter how tight I screw it down. I'd like it above my current oem display but not really sure how to best install it. We'll see. But here's what really strikes me most about this unit from TrailTech, it's that it's a unit designed and built from the ground up for OFF ROAD USE! The screen is VERY easy to see, even in bright light. The tracks and waypoints, etc... are all easy-peasy like we all got together to decide how to best to a GPS for our type of use. I'll post up more later once I get it installed and then as I use it. What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear from those who have this unit already.
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    MSR hosted a book signing for Malcolm Smith's book "Malcolm!" Right here in my neighborhood in Irvine. Nice sunset Paul Krause's 2004 Redbull KTM factory 950, the last lc8 to race in Dakar Alexander's first Dakar jersey from just two weeks ago! Mark Samuels Colton Udall Alexander is definitely a mini-Malcolm for sure And the man, the legend himself, Mr Malcolm Smith!
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    Hey everybody, As another season begins (with hopefully no underaged arsonists) i’m wondering what are everyone else’s mileages in a single days’ ride? I’ve gone from a 40/60 bias doing barely 250 and hating it on my XR to over 700 30/70 on my Tiger. Now of course that’s at the end of a 17+ hour day in the saddle and I’m pretty wiped the day after, but I’m still serviceable. Can’t ever be away from my house for longer than 24 so I try to pack as much into the short time as possible. That’s one of the BIG reasons I went for the BIG bike, ability to extend. I may not be able to go to Baja, but I can ride endurance like nobody’s business and dream. Took a little 720+ mile spin the other day that saw me traveling through the Great Basin out east and choking in the dust and heat after spending a chilly dawn with icy mountain pass roads and tandem dump trucks up my tail as we descended to the high desert. Finally got to stop at a station in the middle of nowhere where I’d fueled before last year and all I’d had was plastic and still the kindly old gentleman ran off an actual paper charge slip for my miserable little purchase of fuel. I was glad to return, this time with cash and a few kind words for his kindness in seeing to my needs back then for damned little recompense. Small towns and places in Oregon are still like that occasionally: little glimpses into the past where people and things didn’t move so damned fast. I’ve waved and smiled at older folks just out strolling from Church on a bright and frosty day in Vernonia, stopped and chewed the fat like a local in every ‘burg from here to Lakeview and up to Joseph and all the way to Montana. The one thing I really took away from Ted Simon’s bit was his sense of adventure through being alone. I HATE traveling with a group, it changes the whole dynamic of social interactions. Instead of that half-mad fellow on the big ADV bike soaked to the skin, you are one of a bunch of noisy Klim-Klad Wild Hogs wannabes. Not really my cup of tea, and where’s the bloody adventure in that? i LIKE riding by myself and the reactions of people to me and the interactions therof, it’s one of the major kicks to this. Plus the ability to rely on oneself and one’s own natural coping skills in the face of little kinks in the road are just the spice that make it ADV. A sense of vulnerability as Mr.Simon puts it, a sense that you just might end up with more than you bargained for. Which inevitably turns out to be just enough to keep it an adventure instead of just a trip. It’s curve balls and adversity that make the spice of adventure, not smooth sailing with everything according to some plan worked in advance. Oh, that and the cute waitress will NEVER treat you the same when you are with the BOYS. Just not going to happen. Think about it for a second and you’ll realize that THERE is the secret to adventure, leaving your group/caste behind and just being available to whatever might occur. We’re social animals that’s for sure, but I don’t get big grins by hanging around a bunch of other middle aged fat guys in minty ADV gear congratulating each other on our great taste in front of the local Tavern OR dealership. I quit smoking AND drinking due to ADV motorcycling and I miss neither. Never did hold with drinking and riding under ANY circumstances, and smoking was just plain nasty and shortens your life. But back to the topic at hand: How many miles a day do you ride and in how many hours? I’m kind of curious as to whether or not I’m actually crazy for riding so much at a single sitting, but with good aux lights and the twin H4s of the Tiger I’ve got GREAT lighting at night so 1 AM departures are a thing with me. Already spooked well over a dozen cows at night so far this year, let alone the Puma, antelope or more regularly encountered Elkosauruses.
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    Ive had similar issues with "new" adv riding acquaintances who openingly break law after law on the pavement portions, including dangerous passing of cars on blind curves. I told them I cant ride with them. Aside from the law-breaking and danger, it gives us a bad image. To me, adventure riding is relaxed traveling. I have a stressful job. I want to relax and I want to be safe. I have no desire to ride past beautiful scenery at 110 mph worrying about a speeding ticket and crashing to keep up with riding partners. Trying to find compatible riding partners is difficult. I'm riding alone more often now and take as many precautions as possible for safety including the satellite transponders, leaving route plan with friends, etc.
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    First time commenter, long term lurker. First of all let me say how great the articles and reviews are on here. Great stuff, keep it up! "The wave": Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so I guess do what makes you happy. On the other hand my wife and I often say "what a jackass" ( we use Sena comms and chat all the time) when somebody doesn't reciprocate. It's almost become kind of a running joke to make up ridiculous stories about why they wouldn't wave (troubled childhood, envy that they aren't on an ADV bike, etc). In my experience most of the non wavers seem to actually be Harley (cruiser) riders who appear to be trying to stay "in character". At a minimum you will get a head nod of acknowledgement from me ( except scooter riders. We try not to encourage them ).As for Spyders, we have family who own them, so they get a free pass from us. I like to mix things up, so I might give the "victory salute", the ADVRider salute, or a full high five spastic full arm swing. I've even been known to give an "air tittie squeeze" when I'm bored ( the looks are rather hilarious). Just depends on how I'm feeling at the time. I think we are all out there to have a good time and enjoy ourselves. As social animals we tend to migrate to those who have similar interests, so it's natural for us to do things that might facilitate that interaction. while I don't look at the wave as being obligatory, I do actually like it because I know somebody else is out there having just as great of a day as I am.
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    I used to wave all the time. Now just sporadically. It is kinda annoying to be honest.
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    I like the wave. It's good vibes in a world that seems to suck hairy donkey thingies... I wave when I can, but don't worry about it I miss a few. But, I'll admit, I don't wave to the custom chopper guys. They rarely wave back. I guess I typically wave more to riders that are a bit more similar (dualsport, ADV, touring). Just don't buy a Jeep too. You'll get wave-lash quickly! I have a TJ and wave, but less at JK owners. Too many damn soccer moms that don't get it.
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    Good thread. Many of these fascists are even against the mountain bikers, claiming that ANY wheeled recreation is "wrong". They portray themselves as intellectuals and critical thinkers. They are neither. They are simply selfish. I believe I read the gear manufacturer Black Diamond is very anti-ORV. We should applaud Nemo which is a sponsor of the BDR program.
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    Aaaaah, the wave... love/hate relationship, going on here. First, we don't actually "wave" in Italy, we do some sort of a victory sign, but horizontal. It's kinda hard to put into words, we just call it the "salute". Anyway, back when I started riding on the road, I did that thing to literally EVERYBODY I'd see on two wheels sitting on an engine. Yup, I said it. Nowadays...meh. I'm getting tired of all this. So yeah, I may sound like a douche, but I only wave when somebody waves first. Look, I know it's a nice thing, positive vibes, really, it's cool. But some of the "wavers" are damn maniacs. You'll see them on sportbikes, almost kneedragging, and they still do the thing. I mean damnit, c'mon. Sorry about the rant, guys.
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    I think that's a good thing, we should have our own secret XLADV signal anyway! Maybe we just stand up every-time we cross paths? LOL…. The Wave was originated by the Harley crowd I believe, and they can have it.
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