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    Another scoop for XLADV is this video WESTX1000's Justin Coffey and Kyra Sadaclan just sent out. I had to put it on YouTube because all they sent was a dropbox link but all credit goes to them.
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    Would love to drag some bikes out to this area and experience what you guys have to offer. Is there a time of year that's better than others? Would like to do some rides on the 1290 and maybe some difficult single track on the 500. Are there enough riders out there for a lone rider to hook up with?
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    Looking at the tracks i think Yuma to I40 could be done in a day. Its a lot of pavement.
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    Damn, 40 foot endo and no damage! Expect for a possible concussion.... LOL
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    Interview with Skyler on his stage 3 yesterday
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    Stage 3! Barreda got "stuck in a ditch" (sounds familiar!) and his Dakar is done unfortunately. Walkner and Brabec also got off course so they paid about a 20 min penalty trying to catch back up. Good news is Skyler absolutely killed it finishing like 15th and then Garrett roars back and finishes 25th!!! Really happy for those two. Nathan Rafferty even got 61st which is super respectable. Anyone hear about this guy Dutto the parapalegic? He is making it happen! Finished today 108th or something but damn! Huge respect there.
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    Hey Everyone! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and had a good start to the new year! Riding season is just around the corner 🤟. We have some exciting things planned for 2019 with our first project (as some of you know) being in Cúcuta, Colombia assisting the Venezuelan refugees coming over. We are continuing to plan extensively and will soon be ready to execute come late February/early March. I will be in Athens next week to have a meeting with a potentially new and exciting sponsor (more to come later on!). We also have recently been featured in the BMW Riders Association's OTL magazine on page 50, so please be sure to check it out if you have a subscription and if you don't its never too late to sign up! Its a great magazine 😊. Stay tuned for more!
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    @Woonjas that's awesome! I'd really like to do another rally again myself. I want to take what I learned and improve. I also heard a week or so ago that Bill Conger, who did his first Dakar last year on a bike, will be the navigator for Robby Gordon's team's other UTV. Very happy for him. This is going to be such an amazing Dakar! 10 days but 90% dunes. Can't wait.
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    No Canadians this year. Will support my neighbours! Can't wait! RPM
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