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    Hi everybody, new to the community. I'm, Italian, live in Pasadena and work in the moto industry. I have a 2002 KTM 640 Adventure R and I'm here to hook up with riding buddies to maybe go explore during the week? Also open to multiple day rides, depending on my traveling schedule. As per my riding skills... I used to race MX many years ago, I owned several dirt bikes in my life and I rode ADV bikes all over the place... but I still suck and I'm slow AF
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    Lots more pics! This was a super fun event. Can't wait to do it again! Perfect location Great rooms Dress warm! Familiar faces Great riding Fire dancers
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    Welcome! Bring that 640A out to Mojave in May and meet several guys you can probably ride with during the week. The old ones are still the best IMHO
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