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    Another great rally it seems! Got back today but not without a bit of my own bike drama. It seems I lost my clutch on the highway headed home. Frank was kind enough to let me ride his GSA and we put my bike on his trailer and dropped off his bike at his house then he took me home. We had about 58 people this year and feedback has all been positive so far. Brad May have cracked a few ribs and Wendi sprained her wrist but no major injuries thankfully. Please post your photos/videos when you get a chance. I will do likewise. Nich found this poor jackrabbit in his grill Friday morning. Ellyotte taking a wee
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    New event! @francotesta and his family did this water charity project in Tanzania and want to do an event to raise funds for it. If you went to either of our Sequoia events a few years ago then you'll know the big deal about these is the FOOD! It's on a whole other level! Franco's friends are all Italian chefs from various restaurants such as Cafe Seville, Piazza 1909, etc... Registration link here The location is at Lake Morena County park and is just over 3k' in elevation so not too hot.
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    FYI: So another person is in LV attempting to get some help with the BMW. I told them about Euro-Cycles where I had my bike towed. They said that the new manager there had already told her once to "not bring your outfit here" and to go elsewhere. Although the service manager, Tony, was very helpful to me in loading my bike and driving me to a hotel the night before, they had the bike for over an hour and couldn't find the problem. That's why I ended up hauling it home. BMW of Denver had the problem figured out and repaired in less than 2 hours costing $100 more than the 1-hour "diagnostics" that Euro-Cycles charged me. So word for the wise, be careful there. I don't recall seeing any KTMs there either.
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    Although I rode all the way from Colorado and only spent one day's ride on the Preserve with the XLADV Mojave Group, I believe that the ride was worth it. I ended up injured on day 1 and had to sit it out. Still got to hang out with some great guys and gals and made some new friends. Will be making the trip again next year too. Thanks Eric. Brad Clere @madhatter_moto
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    A quick upload of the photos I have. Most are not from riding or action shots as I was using every bit of my mediocre skill set to stay on the bike while in the loose stuff. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipP0KUWcBmqZKjH3MhGsMsTlzA9S0O8sKN9PiaXj7g3MGjIyhqhnwBQRIn7816G_qg?key=LThNMmFlUmtNd3JRaUdSZklBSGhqZ1VrLUI1OTNR If anyone hiked the Hole in the Wall across from the campsite, this was what you would have seen: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipO9Yk5r6zFTTi_ZFYXy4KRs66JzxoPTz1oWqcBWz55sGfhbQBI6FG5MGtlHJtsMyg?key=RGFsNDk5VnIyd0FaQVpVNnhKYWNyTUYzSjBmOWl3
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    That was a lot of fun , again :-) . Here are some of my pictures . Enjoy :-)
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    Our photog, MotoLady, took some great photos and gave me a few but it will take a week or so to get the rest so be patient. Feel free to use them how you wish but give credit to her on IG/FB
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