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    Update on the RallZ... Got about 7k miles out of them! I thought they'd be similar to the Adventure where I got 5500 off the rear. Front was too gone to continue as well. Like I had thought before, these RallZ are like the Adventures turned up to 11. They start with an extra mm of tread too. And the rear
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    The comparison comments from the owner that has all of them were valuable. I ride in places where there's often a light layer of sand on the road that you cant see, where a harder compound could be deadly in corners. So far the AX41s are quite confidence inspiring on the street...at least for a set of knobbies. I think I'll be OK sacrificing some mileage for traction on the street. I'm not completely happy with the front tire performance in deep sugar or peanut butter sand. The front end gets scary and wants to slide. Of course you could argue that there probably isn't a tire that can handle that stuff under the weight of a GSA.
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