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    Maria returned the Keg from June Lake no problems! The girl working their remembered her from last year when she dropped it off delicious Brew!!! thanks!
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    I’m down in San Diego, as well.... if you hit @Harsimran Baweja or one of us up, We will put out the GS bat-signal and shake & bake ride group will emerge. Welcome.
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    It was an amazing event, I'm glad I got to meet so many people and make new friends. Special thanks to Dave Diaz for leading the ride on Friday, thank you so much for the tour(s) and helping keep my faceshield clean ? hopefully I'll see some of you guys on the LAB2V!
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    Who’s this gorgeous man! Great times! Westen getting on it Great depth of field Ellen and Remy
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    This is from last year but I just found this 360 degree video Stephen Gregory shot last year going up Silver Canyon
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    Couple last minute things and some rules... Bring a bit of wood if you can. There are a few fire pits throughout the site and it’s nice to have a bit of your own if you can fit any. At camp please keep speed to 5mph. No slides or burnouts. Stay off the nearby hill. Quiet time is 10-7 so no generators, music, loud talking or motorcycles started during that time. Fart and snore all you want. Throw away your trash and try not to let plates and napkins blow away. Don’t ride in dust. Post up at turns so the rider behind you sees which way to go. Post your Spot/inReach link if you want us to track you. Hydrate! I have a 3l pack and try to drink that before lunch and refill and drink before I get back to camp. June Lake Brewing is donating their fine liquid gold so consider stopping there for lunch each day. I do. Use an insulated sleeping pad and a bag rated 15-20 degrees. Wear a knit cap to keep the heat in. Coldest right before dawn. Make sure your bike is tuned and ready. Have fresh nobby tires. Bring the tools and tubes you will need for standard roadside repairs. Be back at camp by 5 for time to shower and have a great dinner. Bring cash for raffle tickets! Have fun. Make new friends. Take lots of photos. Use #xladvhighsierra2019 if you don’t mind as it helps with potential sponsors next year to see a good count.
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    no worries. we can still do Silver & Wyman Canyons and be in Big Pine in time for Copper Top
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    So WMRC moved their open gate day back to Aug 4 this year. It’s still a great ride up but you just can’t go the final 2 miles to the station is all.
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    Hey kids! Don’t forget to bring your shower tokens leftover from last year...
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    That's what we're hoping for. Big bikes are all street legal and going on existing roads. The rangers like us too!
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    Is it me, or is the KTM 990 the only KTM available to add to the Garage? Jason
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