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    I'm unofficially officially in!
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    What is this now? 3rd annual? Sounds good to me!!! May 29-31 which is a bit later this year. Someone snaked the campground back in November and we were unlikely to get a permit anyways because the nature lady (Danette) said that that first week in May was a bit early for the tortoise hatchlings. So it will be a bit warmer but we'll manage. It's at a higher elevation (4300') so that will help. Great news is we have Stephen Gregory back on photography and Tracy King back on kitchen duty! Tickets here Sponsors: (TBD; more of the same and a few new ones) Attendees: Eric Hall
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    Also Unofficially officially in.... time marked off on the work calendar is a good start.
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    So if this event were scheduled for this weekend I'd be cancelling it due to concerns of covid19. I'm seeing a bunch of other events being cancelled. Not a bad idea at this early stage as social distancing can mitigate the spread very well. I read about the Spanish flu of 1918 and how Milwaukee fared so much better because they closed schools and churches. But we are 11 weeks out now so I'm guessing we will know a whole lot more about the spread then. For now we are still ON!
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    This looks cool! To me this looks like a much needed upgrade in visibility and function that you'd expect from Garmin. The display looks bigger and brighter and more interactive. It seems easier now to share tracks either wirelessly between devices like before but also with an app on your phone. Lots of cool new features too like satellite imagery, 4x4 trails, public lands boundaries, real time gas prices and traffic updates. $499.99. Who wants to test one? OLATHE, Kan./March4, 2020/Business Wire –Garmin International, Inc.,a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), today announcedthezūmo XTall-terrain GPSmotorcyclenavigator,designed to helpriders venture on and off the beaten path. The glove-friendlyzūmo XTtouchscreen introduces a newultra-bright 5.5-inch displaywithcrispHDresolution.Designed to withstand the most rigorous weather androughterrain, theruggedzūmo XT is rain-resistant1and forgedto military grade 810G drop test standards. Riders will also appreciatethe zūmo XT’sversatility,with a quick push of a button they caneasily toggle through street map views, topographic maps, or BirdsEye Satellite Imagery for the best possible view of their route.“Thezūmo XT is able to take on any type of adventure, regardless of the weather or rugged terrain, it’s ready to venture wherever the rider chooses,” said Dan Bartel, Garminvice president ofglobalconsumer sales.“With itsnew, larger display offeringanimpressive ultra-bright touchscreen, riders willhave the advantage of easily seeing their screeneven onbright sunny days.Visibility of the route ahead is further enhanced with a choice to mount zūmo XT in traditional landscape or portrait mode.”The zūmo XTboasts an impressive feature set, starting with new Garmin Adventurous Routingoptions that find the most thrilling and scenic routes.Adventure riders–seeking more thanspokenturn-by-turn street directions from their zūmo navigators–can explore new placesthanks to preloadedtopographic maps that show public land boundaries, 4x4 roads,and much more.Garmin Explore2helps adventure seekers easily plan trips and lateraccess routes, tracks, and waypoints across their electronic devices including the zūmo XT, a smartphone3or a computer. In addition, riders canaccessstunningBirdseye Satellite Imagery with direct-to-device downloads that do not require asubscription.Sight-seeing has never been simpler with the zūmo XT’s lineup of options that include the HISTORYdatabase of notable sites, iOverlanderpoints of interest, Ultimate Public Campgrounds, a U.S. National Parks directory, TripAdvisortraveler ratings and Foursquarecontent –offering millions of popular places to explore.Storing orsharingadventuresis a snapwiththe new track recorderoption built into the navigator. Userscanwirelesslyimport3their favorite tried-and-true GPX files after pairing their phones to the zūmo XT using the free Garmin Driveapp.Additionally, theconvenientGarmin Drive app will allow riders access to smartnotifications,real-time fuel prices, andlive4traffic and weather.Designed with built-in convenience, the zūmo XT offers a number of safety features, including Bluetoothhands-free calling5, rider alerts for potential hazards6, automatic incident notifications for family or loved ones in case an incident occurs, and the option to pair the zūmo XT with a compatible7Garmin inReach Satellite Communicator for two-way texting, critical location sharing, and interactive SOS. Motorcyclists canstream their favorite music tracks on their smartphones through the zūmo XT or by utilizing theMP3 music files stored on the navigator.Built-in Wi-Fi®allows riders to easily updatethe maps and software on the zūmo XT without the hassle of using a computer. Riders canhardwirethe deviceto constant power or rely on the zūmo XT’sextendedbattery life that can last up to 6hours(3.5 hourswith backlightsettingsat 100percentbrightness).The zūmo XTis expected to be available in March withasuggested retail priceof $499.99.To learn more, visit garmin.com/zūmo. The zūmo XTis the latest from theconsumer automotive segmentof Garmin, the leading worldwideprovider of portable navigation devices for automobiles,motorcycles and trucks. The company’suser-friendly navigationsolutions have innovative features that provide time-and fuel-saving benefits to meet the demands of everyday driving.
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    After 800 miles clutch springs had collapsed. Replaced clutch with rekluse and rode a 1000 miles through Baja. No issues with new clutch yet. The quality of their after market product is way superior to the factory junk.
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    Intro: my name is Mike and I am an admin on a FB group called New England Riders or NER. I ride a 2016 BMW R1200RT and a 2012 Super Tenere. If you ever need anything while in New England it need riding info please feel free to reach out as well as visit newenglandriders.org THe NER website is packed full of great info about riding most of the eastern US but with a focus on New England. It is free.
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    The guy likes big bikes for sure! 👍
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    I now just do group ADV rides in my local area & rail line service track rides when off the bikes build & custom bikes for the fun & challenge
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    marked as a definite maybe.
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    Mikey, there will be several other riders that would also qualify as "near-dead of questionable ability" so please do join us. Calling @Garys990R !!!
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    I thought the ghost touch was when you sit on your hand until it’s asleep? 🤓
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    So the Sonora Rally started yesterday. Ricky Brabec is racing along with Skyler Howes, Wes VanNiewenhuise, Dan Bart, Taye Perry and more. Stage 1 results here but it's Skyler, Colton Udall and then Ricky Brabec. Dan Bart did really well along with Taye Perry. Wes did fine despite tower mount issues they've since fixed so today should be better for him He's racing a 790R put together by Rottweiler Performance.
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    I saw this announcement the other day and it looks like a really solid GPS. I have the BMW Nav VI on my bike and have had the ghost touching issue that Garmin can't seem to figure out how to fix. I'm hoping the XT is a sign of what a possible replacement could be. As much as I enjoy having the wonder wheel on my bike to control GPS if the XT is better all around I'd consider ditching the BMW branded Garmin in favor of this one.
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    FS: givi black trekker 46 lt side cases ex cnd universal fit $625 givi side cases mounting racks fit yamaha super tenere $225 givi top case luggage rack fits top of givi trekker 33 or 52 lt top case $55 sidi tyhpoon gortex boots sz 44 new $195 oxtar air tech boots gortex sz 39 worn material at toes otherwise ex cnd $35 powerlet fused power plug harness $50 powerlet fused battery extension wires $35 revit knee high socks sz 10-11 = 44 new $25 blk gry socks sz 10-11 $15 ea tourmaster heated pants sz 36-38 x 32 new $130 gerbing union ridge heated overpants sz lrg-reg like new $140 garmin and tom tom gps price on units cords/mounts extra $ led tail/brake lights brake pulsates has 12 flash patterns stops tail gaters $50 will ship you pay or pick up in Washington state reply to [email protected] ride safe
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    Mojave is SO much more fun on a small bike. You're free to ride whatever you like as long as it is street legal.
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    Being a near-dead of questionable ability, I was wondering if this event would be open to folks who would rather ride a dual sport over an adventure bike. Though I have a Yamaha S10, I am more comfortable on my KLR or my KLX 400. This applies even more so when encountering sandy stretches as the Mojave so graciously provides. Mikey
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    About this Event Xplor-Int LLC and the Oak Barrel Cafe are pleased to announce our 1st Annual Africa Twin motorcycle and Honda East Coast Rally being held at 35206 National Pike Northeast Little Orleans, MD 21766 on August 14-16, 2020. This event provides riders of all skill levels an opportunity to ride with and learn from adventurers from all over the world. The 1st Annual Africa Twin motorcycle and Honda East Coast Rally is designed for Honda ADVENTURE and DUAL SPORT owners but is open to all brands of street legal motorcycles. Come join us at our 1st Annual Africa Twin motorcycle and Honda East Coast Rally, at The Oak Barrel Cafe, for numerous activities and riding opportunities. ROUTES Participants will have the opportunity to ride various tracks and routes throughout the Green Ridge State Forest, MD. There will be options for every level skill as routes will vary in difficulty and distance. Routes will be available onsite at the event and there will be an option for riders to go out on their own with fellow enthusiasts on self-guided GPS rides or just following the provided PDF State Forest map. Some route portions are part of the MABDR. CAMPOUT We’ve added two-night overnight camping to the rally at no cost. Friday night dinner, Saturday morning breakfast, Saturday night dinner and Sunday morning breakfast will be included at The Oak Barrel Cafe with a free gift card. Limited space available. RIDER AND BIKE REGULATIONS Riders must be 18 years or older.. Riders must be the registered owner of their motorcycle. The motorcycle must be street legal and in good working order with proper street legal, off-road tires. Riders must supply current, functioning GPS unit Riders should supply their own personal locator beacon (SPOT, Delorme, Garmin).. WHAT IS INCLUDED: * Three days off-road riding for all skill levels * Free primitive camping on site (water, electric, bathrooms available) * Campfire and local Band * Free Training half day (3-4 hours) * Free T-shirt for pre-registered participants * 2 each Breakfast, 2 each Dinner, adult beverages not included * All adventure bikes welcome like Honda CB500X · NC750X · NC700X · VFR1200X· CRF450L https://www.eventbrite.com/e/1st-annual-africa-twin-motorcycle-and-honda-east-coast-rally-tickets-97369176829
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    I gotta get out to the Husky again and area!
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    Anyone up to hit the Gold route with a detour to the Husky this Sat? 2/29 A few things have been done on the 950 and I just need to get out and ride!
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    The long version of the scouting "adventure"
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    It's back! AltRider is going to do a Taste of Dakar this year after taking last year off. Gold Point, NV is the location again. Dates: April 16-19 Looks like this time they'll have an extra day of riding. Sign up here
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    @Joshua Jones and @Steve_Kamrad doing some scouting. Looks familiar lol. Snow will be gone by Apr though I'm sure https://www.facebook.com/joshua.jones.7921/videos/10158404186763352/
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    back in 80's -90's (46yr as bike rider only) don't have a tin top license) use to race (Also members in family uncles/cousins raced MX /enduro/Australian wynns safari & dakar so in the blood) 500mx had 2 x YZ465H's No:7 later were made into street legal enduro bikes one had a TT600N disc front end 12/24hr enduros in Darwin N.T Australia on IT200 No:700 Raced Thumbper nats on a XR630RN No:700 Above bikes KTM950SER was my main transport just finished the referb of installing the 450RFR tower etc KIT690RFR was prepping for Australian Sunrasia Safari but never happened due to work accident broke my back had surgical replacements once was able get around i spend 3 hrs a day during rehab finishing off the build (before was able to get around out of a chair i took up Diecast 1:50 crane collecting setting them up to keep brain sane from boredom - not sure which hobby cheaper model cranes & heavy haulage or bike building LOL) 2018 KTM1290 SDR (1290Sueper Enduro R) was a 4 yr later project build . . . . Some more past builds - all bikes before these never owned a camera
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    🤤 Dude! Are you one of us mortals? Or did you descend from Valhalla? lol Looks like you've raced these. Where?
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    So moral of the story is you can sit on the patio at PSR enjoying a frosty IPA while texting your buddy who lost the bet and has to set up your camp all without cell service. I need one!
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    @Spencer Hill and @robmaxjohn just came out with a new ADV ride-sharing site (similar to ADVTracks?) called ADVWeekend you should check out. They've featured this Beyond Starbucks Gold route and there are quite a few others you can peruse. If you have a favorite route you'd like to share or would like to find one, give their website a look!
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    Who doesn’t end a sweet dry lake power slide with a high side? All the cool kids are doing it...
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    MNP called me to say due to the Wuhan virus we cannot have the event. That could change if the situation improves but makes it difficult to plan. I still have the site and can have 10 riders so I’m likely to make it a small group now.
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    Basically the screen thinks it's being touched so it acts all erratic and is rendered useless. It seems it's isolated to the BMW branded Garmin Navigator VI. Fortunately Garmin is aware of the issue and will replace it. It just stinks because I've heard of a few guys that have had 3 or 4 of them replaced.
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    On the main menu, go to activity >unread. if you want you make that the default button again, hard tap the “default” button right above the list of unread items.
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