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    XLADV has been invited to the launch of the new CB500X this Friday so check back for more details! This is an interesting bike in that it's not really an adventure bike per se but it ends up being used as one anyways. I've seen quite a few mods like from Rally Raid UK.
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    Out of curiosity what was the serial number of your bike? Mine is: VBKV29407EM902285
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    I enjoy my 701, but it's not the greatest highway bike. Done a few 200 mile days on it with no mechanical issues, but kinda hard on the bum
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    Im going to explore the 690, 701 and 790. Who knows when I will see a Tenere 700 so its not on my list. Funny thing, I found a 2016 KTM 1190 Adv R new at a dealer in El Cajon. Least its on their website.
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    Whats neat about Gieco online claim is there is no essay question. Just a select box on what happened. If its not listed there, then I guess you need to call them and talk to someone.
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    Clicked the box that said "Pot Hole". It was the truth. I hit that damn giant pot hole at the Mohave ride that was right next to the cattle guard. Probably doing 50mph.
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