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    Trail Etiquette: Hand Signals

    So what is the appropriate "response" hand signal(s)? Just number of riders in group? Article isn't very clear on the "response" Do you need to indicate "West Coast" or "East Coast" gang affiliation too? What's the XLADV gang/hand sign? :-P
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    This is a pair of CNC machined bits of black anodized aluminum designed to mount a 6" rigid "bar" light just above your front fender, via the forks. http://blackdogcw.com/black-dog-shop/bike/bmw-r1200gs-lc/bdcw-premium-fork-light-kit-for-bmw-r1200gs-gsa-liquid-cooled-detail.html First off, let me say about the rigid light unit, go with "fog/wide": pattern, or "spot/narrow" pattern. The "hybrid" pattern is the bastard of the lineup. The 2 outer LED's on each side are "fog/wide", and on the 2 CENTER are "spot/narrow" They should sell this as a "fog+" rather than "hybrid", as the "spot/narrow" function is anemic and the "fog/wide" pattern dominates. Okay, enough of that. The BDCW mounts are sexy. If you don't think aluminum can be sexy, you haven't seen these. They are works of art. Each side separates into 2 pieces to make it easy to mount them on the forks, and then easy to get the Rigid 6" light in between. The BDCW product doesn't come with any instructions for mounting other than how to assemble the 2 halves(marked LEFT and RIGHT). Fitment of the mounts on the forks is "trial and error". The mounts need to be adjusted to clear the plastic radiator shrouds at full turn lock, but not so high that the light/beam pattern is compromised by the "beak". BDCW should provide better documentation, ideally with measurements, to make this easier. I'll add some more photos in a few days.
  3. Random

    BMW R1200 GS LC (2013)


    If they could find a way to shave 50 pounds, it would be PERFECT!
  4. Random

    BMW R1200 GS LC 2013

    If they could find a way to shave 50 pounds, it would be PERFECT!