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  1. Chris Parker

    ADVMoto Magazine Feature

    Nice job Eric! Just got our magazine mailed to us and whilst looking for our new ad placement we stumbled across this. What a nice surprise! Good on ya'.
  2. Chris Parker

    XLADV Project Bike: Rottweiler Performance

    Keep in mind that LED's DO NOT photograph well at all due to the frequency. We have been asked to do a side by side brightness comparison with stock and for video it can't be replicated well because the stock filament will always look brighter on video because it doesn't blink at a million miles an hour like LED's. Trust us when we tell you that these are extremely bright. We looked long and hard for this setup and wouldn't dream of putting anything out there that is sub par. Especially when it comes to brake lights. You just have to see them in person.
  3. Chris Parker

    XLADV Project Bike: Rottweiler Performance

    Putting a custom configuration together for the Adventure 990 bike build as I type. We've got these dialed. Big props to XL ADV for putting it together and offering to purchase all the cervezas the next time we see them in Baja. Very kind of you! 990 Rottweiler Intake System (-3 lbs) 40 Cell Pre Filters Snap Out 60 second pre filter change Rottweiler Performance High Fender Kit Rottweiler Performance Single Side Out kit (-16 lbs) Quick Flip Mirror Mounts SAS Emissions Removal Stage 3 (-2.6 lbs) Antigravity Battery YTZ10-112 (-6.5 lbs)