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  1. Latimus

    High Sierra Ride 2018 Video 😎 🏍 🏕

    Hahaha [emoji38] [emoji38]
  2. Latimus

    Los Angeles-Based Off-Road 1-2 Day Rides

    I'm in the LB area and interested! I ride a 2017 GSA. I feel comfortable on dirt and sand amd would rate myself as intermediate.
  3. Latimus

    Drone pictures at High Sierra ride

    @Roddog Video posted here:
  4. #XLAdvHighSierra2018 Finally got time to put together a video of the ride, it was difficult trying to cram such an epic weekend into 4mins while playing jams from the greatest band of all times (Duran Duran) Hope to see everyone again at next year! IG: @LatimusMaximus www.instagram.com/LatimusMaximus 📷: @Stephen Gregory
  5. Latimus

    Drone pictures at High Sierra ride

    @Roddog @Eric Hall I took a few of the drone shots during the raffle. I am working on putting together a video and will release soon!
  6. Latimus

    2017 Ken Mooty Memorial Ride/CORVA Fundraiser

    Count me in! *WOOT WOOT*