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  1. Yeah, no one likes Bean.
  2. There's always room for : Some sight-seeing on the way to the party: The dugway Looking out over the Valley of the Gods Day 1 on the BDR: Starting to get a little muddy Guy in Telluride said that Ophir would be easy, except for one little part: had to be talking about this one. Road was paved with rocks the size of softballs. No one died.
  3. Just to generate some interest, i'll start off with some pics from Bean:
  4. Had just ridden up and over Popo!
  5. First trip to Mexico. Headed in-country, south from Laredo. First full day ended in Guanajuato. Great city, great tequila!
  6. was glad it was a tubed tire. called Woody's to see if it was safe. they asked if it lost air. when I said "no", they said then ride it.
  7. Our yearly trips generally take place first couple weeks of June, due to schedules. I do know that the dates Bryan gives probably work out better. We just try and stay away from crowds.
  8. From the album Mexico - 2013

    Rode this thing another 250 miles after hitting the topes at the wrong angle on the road to Oaxaca!
  9. From the album Mexico - 2013

    f'n steel dome topes!
  10. From the album Mexico - 2013

  11. From the album Mexico - 2013

  12. From the album Mexico - 2013