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  1. Yeti

    New 950 Adventure Owner

    Ah, nice. I got the wide Pivot Pegz from Altrider. LINK They're great. I wish they'd had the wide ones when I got them for my 1150GSA.
  2. Yeti

    New 950 Adventure Owner

    Nice find! I just bought one about 4 months ago. Had 17k miles on it. It was clean and had all the important stuff done, but not much in the way of improvements. I can't tell from the picture, but has the side stand been moved off the engine case? If not, do it before you ride in the dirt! One little tumble can be a very $$$ expensive repair bill. I'm looking at going to Death Valley too.
  3. Yeti

    Jesse Luggage Panniers

    I've had Jesse's on a few bikes and have always loved them. I'm actually in the process of getting a set for my 950. They're the toughest bags I've ever used.
  4. That is unpossible. I have heard it on very good authority (perhaps Mark himself) that he is NEVER at Klim HQ. He is always on the road.
  5. Yeti

    Shoei Hornet X2

    Couldn't agree more. I think this is the best helmet I've ever owned. My only issue has been that it tries to pull my ears off when I remove the helmet, but that seems to be getting better. My full review is at: http://www.motogeargrinder.com/2015/05/03/shoei-hornet-x2-the-best-adv-helmet/
  6. Yeti

    Scorpion Yosemite Jacket

    I got a hold of a Yosemite for review for my blog and really like it too. My review is here: http://www.motogeargrinder.com/2015/06/14/scorpion-yosemite-two-jackets-in-one/ The only issue I had were that the wrist closures were too tight on my wrists. Did you have that issue at all?
  7. Yeti

    Scorpion Yuma Jacket

    It’s no secret that “Adventure Riding” is one of the fastest growing segments in the motorcycle industry. Not surprisingly then, Scorpion has decided to get in the Adventure Riding gear market. Scorpion’s 2015 line-up includes three new jackets: the waterproof/breathable laminate (high-end) Yukon, the convertible textile jacket with two liners the Yosemite, and the subject of this review, the mesh textile Yuma. The Yuma is a largely mesh riding jacket which is well-suited for the desert southwest. It has plenty of mesh so that it will be highly vented, with heavier denier fabric in the impact areas. The overall fit is snug without being roadrace tight and is very comfortable to wear. The Yuma comes in solid black or the black and tan version we got to look at. It is very reasonably priced at around $290. We highly recommend you add-in the SAS-TEC back armor for an additional $40. There is also an available kidney belt, but we don’t know the pricing on that at this time. UPDATE: Just got word that I’ll be doing an extended wear test with the Yuma. Stand by for updates as I get some miles in this jacket! Let’s look at some of the details. First, and most importantly, there’s the mesh: As you can see, this is a very breathable mesh. Unlike some mesh, say Motoport’s Kevlar mesh, this mesh is pliable and comfortable. It allows the jacket to “drape” well so it moves with you comfortably. It may not be as tough as the Kevlar mesh, but the mesh is all in non-impact areas and feels plenty tough for its placement on the jacket. ARMOR Let’s talk a bit about the armor since that’s a critical component of motorcycle riding gear. The Yuma utilizes SAS-TEC armor. SAS-TEC 3D-armor is a visco elastic soft foam with outstanding shock absorption values. It’s soft until impact, at which time it hardens into a protective shell. It feels, to me, to be very similar to d3o armor used by other brands. SAS-TEC is made in Germany, you can check them out HERE. One nice thing about the SAS-TEC shoulder armor is that it “wraps” around the should, offering a measure of protection to the scapula and collar bone. The armor also is right/left specific with indicators on the armor as to which side it goes in, and which side goes up. (When I received the jacket, the left and right shoulder armor were reversed.) LINER One detail I particularly appreciated in the Yuma is the attachment of the liner to the outer jacket. Most jackets with removable liners that I’ve worn have two zippers along the front edges, a collar snap and one or two snap-loops in the sleeve cuffs. I’ve always felt that let the jacket swim around the liner which could get uncomfortable. Scorpion has added two additional snap-loops in the back/kidney areas which really anchor the liner to the mesh shell. You can see one here: Here, you can also see the attachment points for the optional (recommended) kidney belt. Although this jacket is not as heavy as, say, a Klim Badlands Pro, a kidney belt offers good support and helps anchor the jacket to the rider. One other nice feature about how the liner attaches to the shell, is in the cuff. Where most companies use two snap loops, they’re the same color. Maybe I’m just slow, but I’ve had bad luck and frequently end up with the liner’s sleeve twisted in the shell. Not gonna happen with the Yuma. The snap loops are different colors as are the loops in the cuff, making it easy to get the liner sleeve oriented properly. Another nice feature of the jacket is the collar. Made from leather, it’s incredibly soft and comfortable. Unlike collars which are unfinished or textile, the leather is very soft and neck-pleasing straight off. All things considered, the Yuma is a very comfortable and well thought-out jacket. It should be ideal in warm to hot weather with the liner stored in the back pocket, ready to be zipped and snapped into the shell when the weather gets cold or wet. It feels well-constructed and, with the optional back armor, well-protective. UPDATE: Just got word that I’ll be doing an extended wear test with the Yuma. Stand by for updates as I get some miles in this jacket!
  8. Yeti

    Klim USA Badlands Pro Jacket

    My go to jacket. I've owned two. Had one, upgraded to the Adventure Rally 2, realized it wasn't for me and bought a new Badlands.
  9. 1 review

    It’s over 100 degrees. Next gas station is 160 miles away. Nothing but cacti and tumble weeds. This is a perfect place for a Scorpion. Located in the extreme southwest corner of Arizona, the Yuma desert can be extremely hot. That’s the perfect place for this highly ventilated, yet durable mesh touring jacket. The chassis of this jacket is 500 denier nylon. Abrasion zones are 1680 denier nylon. The large mesh panels in key areas are made out of a 600 denier polyester with two different weave types to assure maximum ventilation. A moisture wicking, breathable polyester mesh lining keeps you comfortable. Additional features include large storage pockets, ample use of NighViz reflective material, multiple adjustment points, and a removable Airguard waterproof liner. Protection is provided by the use of Sas-Tec CE certified armor in the shoulders, infinitely adjustable Sas-Tec CE certified velcro elbow pads, and PE foam back protector. The back protection can be upgraded with the use of a Sas-Tec CE certified Level 2 back protector. This jacket is also compatible with Scorpions’ optional kidney belt for additional support and lower back protection. It’s going to be a hot one. Perfect for the Scorpion Yuma jacket. Features: > 500 denier nylon main body material, with 1680 denier nylon abrasion zones > Large panels of 600 denier heavy duty polyester mesh in key ventilation areas such as upper torso, inner arms all the way down to the wrist, neck and back. > Exo-Stitch Safety Seams at critical seams with heavy bar tacking at high stress areas > Two large cargo pockets on lower front, two chest pockets and one large cargo pocket on rear > Dual adjustment straps at waist, single adjustment straps at biceps and wrists > CE certified Sas-Tec armor with molded Velcro at elbows for perfect adjustability > Sas-Tec armor at shoulders > PE Foam back pad in back protector pocket can be upgraded to Level 2 Sas-Tec protector (sold separately) > Ample use of NightViz reflective on front and rear of torso, arms and elbows for increased nighttime visibility > YKK center front zipper with Black Oxide sliders > One internal waterproof pocket in liner > Two inner mesh pockets > Removable full sleeve AirGuard waterproof / windproof liner > Compatible with optional Kidney Belt (sold separately) > Comfortable Nappa calf leather collar resists sweat buildup and fading from UV light > Accordion stretch panels at elbows for easy range of motion > 8” #5 YKK zipper and elastic panel for connecting jacket to pants