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    Riding anything but cruisers, hunting, and the great outdoors.

    What makes a good rider?

    Seat time, I hear this often, but do we understand what this does? If all of our seat time is done using bad form do we benefit? Surprisingly yes, it does. Short of a bad spill, more seat time leads to confidence which allows a rider to ride more relaxed. Eventually a rider finds that level at which they feel comfortable, allowing for a flowing ride. Tension IMO, is the number one reason why a rider struggles off road, this tension comes from FEAR, or False Evidence Against Reality. Evolution has us moving at a walking pace and our vision is pretty much fixed for this pace. Too often a rider is concerned with riding the terrain that is under us, and not in front of us, leaving us tense, trying to muscle the bike through, and at a pace that makes the challenge even greater. How does a rider overcome this FEAR? Seat time is a big part of this, but how does a rider go beyond their comfort zone to become more proficient? It could be a mentor, a friend that has been riding for years that has a good set of communication skills, or it could be attending a course designed for riding these XLADV Bikes. Instructors are communicators trained at watching and providing proven tips to help enhance a riders ability. So, quality seat time will indeed improve a riders skills. If we always ride with extreme tension are we really having a good time? How long will a rider ride if they aren't having a good time? A good rider (IMO) is also a good mentor, helping as they can and promoting advanced training as a means to improve the level of enjoyment.

    What makes a good rider?

    Many claim to have "the" answer, yet others accomplish the same ride using another technique. I am opening this as a way to start the conversation, so what, in your opinion, "makes a good rider"? My idea of a good rider is one who masters traction and understands how to keep a motorcycle upright and headed in the desired direction. How this happens is a mystery to many and mastered by few, part of why so many raise to the challenge of travelling on two wheels, often on traction challenged terrain with grossly overloaded panniers. So, what "Makes a good rider" in your opinion, and naturally, why?

    Scotty's "Butter Bike"

    Short of the Flex bars and fancy fairing I have essentially the same bike, but I built mine!! And my light make his look like candles with a short wick I also side stepped the premiums pricing from Woodys and went with Rad Manufacturing, loving every bit of the entire bike.

    Kenda Desert 100

    ADV Class, 650CC and up. Who is game? I'll be running my 2010 F800GS, plans are to better my 13 miles last year (starter solenoid failed). Yes, that is Daryl from Cyclops on his 990 showing us how it's done!!

    Suggestion on how to improve XLADV? Post 'er up!

    Working better using explorer, working on getting Chrome to work properly. I'm thinking the issue is on my end. Many thanks for the quick replies.

    Suggestion on how to improve XLADV? Post 'er up!

    Whats up with the constant media player uploader popup? It's gotta go!!
  7. My Klim ADV Pro fits the bill, all the above with a built in hydration system, vital for me. Also has a kidney belt built in and a great harness system to help distribute the load. As waterproof as they get, great protection in all the right areas, compatible with my Leatt brace, and a second collar for the times I don't use the brace. For warmer weather I remove the collar for added ventilation. My go to jacket for the true ADV Ride that is "Out There"!

    Who's up here in the extreme (non-Alaskan) PNW?

    Port Orchard here, just got done riding some quad trail in Tahuya on the F8GS! Scouting for the upcoming March Moto Madness PNW style! Drop me a line, I tend to hit Tahuya weekdays (being retired has percs) on the skinny bikes in the winter months, sharpen skills for the big bike! Drop a PM and we'll see what we can make happen.