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  1. Okay cool, I thought it looked familiar. [emoji3]
  2. Where is this pic taken?
  3. I have heard good things about the shorai, hope to hear more about it.
  4. sold
  5. Sorry forgot the price. 75 plus trip obo.
  6. Selling these over pants, Joe Rocket Phoenix, only been used once on a test ride. Feel great in the summer and move a lot of air. They have the knee pads in them and all zippers work great. Bought a new pair of pants and haven't worn these much at all. 3xl are in great shape.
  7. Those look really nice!
  8. BikeAccessories

    Are you able to see out of them clearly when riding? Do they vibrate and blur the view?
  9. How hard are they get? Looks like a needle in a hay mountain
  10. Ya, the fees for the beach are ridiculous
  11. The fee for the beaches, was that for parking or for the actual use of the beach? I remember visiting imperial beach and having to pay for parking. I'll be honest, I'm kinda torn between paying and not. On one hand I don't want to pay for using public land. BUT, I know people destroy the same land and it cost money to fix and clean it up, so at the same time I don't mind paying. If people could take care of things that would be great! Good stuff
  12. I have been telling myself I will get one when this battery goes out. I'm curious how they hold up in the heat, since, you know, that's all we have here. Hahaha. good info thank you sir's!
  13. Did you get a new crash bar and skid plate???????? Whatever it is, I'm sure it's worth the time spent installing it!
  14. My dad and I are actually planning a trip to crown king for a motocamping trip. As well as a motocamping trip to alpine area. I've never been to crown king so I'm excited about it. Nice bike too
  15. I think your on the right track. I would say the versys I think is a little more street then the other two. I'm sure it can handle most light off road. The other two (if they are newer models) are pretty good for both. Both have a good aftermarket range of parts and upgrades. My recommendation is to ride both for a decent amount of miles to get a better feel of how they handle and perform. People can give you an idea of what they like. I have ridden both and liked the dl1000 and the tiger. I ended up with the tiger because the seller came down on price. Just my two cents.