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  1. Manybikes

    ICON Helmets Statement

    This is a very interesting topic. ANY helmet which as been in an crash should be thrown away and replaced, regardless of what the "outer shell looks like." So, to ban a type of helmet that does not show external damage when there might be hidden internal damage sounds strange to me... I have personally been down in Arai, Icon, Shark and even Z1R and all have "protected my head" the same. Ironically... the only accident I received a concussion during was the 3rd most violent of the 4... and I was wearing and Arai Profile helmet. Go figure.
  2. Manybikes

    Motoz Tires

    Desert HT's are off and the RallZ tires are mounted! In this video you will see my used up Desert H/T tires, next to a brand new set... next to the RallZ tire next to the Tractionator Adventure Tire. Three different tires for three different riders. Pretty neat. What do you think? Take a look:
  3. Manybikes

    Motoz Tires

    What it looks like today... Almost ready to be swapped out.
  4. Manybikes

    Motoz Tires

    I ride 90+ MPH on a daily basis. In this video you can see 95 mph is my cruising speed on the highway with a top speed of 135mph. My freeway speed every day is between 80mph and 95mph for stretches of 25 miles to 70 miles depending on my destination which equals 200+ highway miles a week. I am currently running Motoz Desert HT Tubeless tires. They do well at high speeds, but off- road is where they excel and why I have them mounted. The 150 miles of OFF Road riding I do on the weekends demands a good and reliable knobby tire.
  5. Manybikes

    Motoz Tires

    I used to have that problem too... 1.5K was the most I have ever gotten out of a TKC 80 or a Rally Raid tire. The Motoz tires, do last longer. Longer on my KTM 950 Super Enduro. Longer on my BMW R1200GSA. And longer on my KTM 1190 Adv R then any other tires I have run previously. Well, except for the K60 Scouts... but those were sketchy!
  6. Manybikes

    Audio Into GoPro - The Easy Way

    Had a few failures with the Sena option... on to bigger & better tests...
  7. Manybikes

    Audio Into GoPro - The Easy Way

    So, in the video above, I am recording audio & video in the Movie Pro App in my phone & then using that as the overlay to the matching secondary GoPro camera....
  8. Manybikes

    Audio Into GoPro - The Easy Way

    How’s this audio Eric? I think I’ve found the solution... a wireless Bluetooth solution!
  9. Okay... who is recording Audio onto their GoPro footage without using the Sena Audio Pack? I have used a Sena 10C and was not too impressed with the video nor the audio. What are you guys using? I am about to go rogue... and record audio as a separate WAV file and attache it to the video in post. Thoughts???
  10. Manybikes

    Klim USA Apex Jacket

    I love this jacket, but my wife loves it more! I have the Grey version of the Klim Apex which was purchased as soon as it was released. As a daily commuter, my Badlands jacket was just too big and heavy. On the weekends my wife REFUSED to sit behind the Badlands as she despises the superfabric near her face or her hands as she reaches over my shoulders as well as when my elbows brush her... so I would resort to wearing my Icon Raiden, FirstGear Teton or even Tourmaster Pivot jackets. The Apex jacket is much like the Pivot Jacket on Steroids. GoreTex Pro shell, HUGE vents, d3o level 2 armor and leather in the impact areas instead of superfabric. Win Win! Well... until they did not sell and went on sale for $200 less than I paid. Oh well, I still love it like no other jacket I have ever worn. The protection and venting is like no other. Bar None. I totally recommend this jacket to any touring or Adventure rider.
  11. Manybikes

    NPS to Enact New Controls on Saline Valley Hot Springs

    Have not been to Saline Valley Hot Springs in a very very long time... neat place. Howerver... a ride south will take you to Canyon de Guadalupe in Baja... which looks like it has a new site and has been renamed since I was there last... Guadalupe Canyon Oasis Hot Springs you have got to get it on your list! It is amazing! Check out this quick vid taken the last time I was there... AMAZING: LONG LIVE the HOT Springs!
    So... this front tire 90/90/21 Desert H/T Tubeless Front Tire gets one less star than the Rear 150 tire, which is AMAZING on the street and on the dirt. The front tire however... is SKETCHY on grooved cement freeways. On asphalt, it is great. On dirt it is Stellar. On grooved cement above 70 mph, hold on... it will wobble all over the place. Please keep in mind that it is a nearly perfect tire Everywhere Else... thus the 4 star review. 2K miles in and in the dirt or on asphalt this tire rocks!!! No chunking or strange ware characteristics. Actually, I am just now wearing down the casting nipples. Totally recommended!
  12. 1 review

    If you have a long ride ahead, and you know the conditions will be rough, a Motoz Tractionator motorcycle tire is the right choice. The Tractionator Desert is designed to handle harder terrain, especially hard trails, desert sand with hard pack variations and fast rocky conditions. Its unique patented tread design handles off camber sections to help climb out of ruts and hard braking at extreme lean angles. Made from 100% natural rubber, nothing else provides the same elasticity, reflex and deflection for the best traction Designed for 95% dry and 5% wet, 90% hard and 10% soft terrain conditions Heavy duty case construction with a dense weave ply cord so greater strength and higher ply rating is achieved with less ply layers Constructed with thicker side walls for maximum strength Sidewalls and rim area are specially designed to protect the rim, but also to minimize pinch flats Vertical reinforcement section between the sidewall layers for greater sidewall strength Carcass is protected by a thick layer of rubber under the tread and around the sidewalls to help minimize punctures Rubber cushion zone allows a small amount of flex under the tread blocks to aid reflex traction and reduce chunk off, increasing tire life and acting as a heat sink to help cool the tire in extreme conditions Terrapactor tread block design and placement helps compact, compress or wedge the terrain creating extra traction, drive and lift This unique concept coupled with the use of superior rubber quality works to lessen the impact on the terrain and provide extra traction Crown Radius Section specifically matched to the application, not just a heavier motocross tire Specifically designed for quick fitting and reduced service times Good for long mileage, hard packed desert (like sand over concrete) Excellent absorption and puncture resistance for outback and dirt back roads Known all over the world for being dependable in the toughest conditions - used in desert racing from Morocco to Baja This motorcycle tire is tubeless These dirt bike tires are R rated for speeds up to 106 mph DOT approved Available in the following motorcycle tire size: 90/90-21
  13. Manybikes

    Motoz Tractionator Desert H/T Rear

    This review is based upon my use of this tire on a 2016 KTM 1190 Adventure R. In one word... "Velcro." Interesting story... so I was sold on the Desert H/T 140 tubed version on my KTM 950se and rode that for YEARS. Way better than a Rally Raid for traction and for mileage. Well... That was until the Tractionator Adventure was released, which gives me over 5k miles per tire. Needed to toss my K60 Scout's on the 1190... and hearing of a new 150 Tubeless version of the Desert H/T, I was stoked!!! I have been on it for about a month now and have burned 2k miles on this set of Tubeless Desert H/T tires. I think for "daily use" the Tractionator Adventure tire will be my tire... But in those situations where a supper knobby tire is needed... this 150 Desert H/T Tubeless tire is my new Go-To tire. BadAss is a bit of an understatement. I ran this tire at the maximum recommended tire pressure for three days before taking it Hard Core Off Road for a weekend. For those first three days I rode it at max pressure and it was a bit bumpy and stiff, but that was to be expected. Rode two days in the dry and one day in the rain. Thankfully it stuck to the asphalt WAY better than a K60 Scout, which is what came off to put these tires on. But... what other tire wouldn't stick better Totally aired up... it was good. Once we got to the Off-Road section of our trip, I aired down to 22psi and it was like VELCRO in the dirt! Rode from Chaparral Motorsports, where the tire was purchased and installed, up the 215 to the Cleighorn dirt road. Up and over the mountains to Lake Arrowhead and then we continued over to a little western town called Poineertown. If you have never been there, you have go tot check it out! Pioneertown is amazing! Leaving Pioneertown we rode hard core dual sport tracks and once on pavement we "road raced" to our destination. The following morning we tore up the mountains for about half the day before hitting the highway home. I can say these tires are loud like a prop plane on the highway, but they do stick to the ground and handle really well. In the dirt they are unrivaled. They work and they work well. I will run the Adventure tire as my "commute and easy weekend" tire and if headed out for a serious 950 / 990 / 1190 ride, these Desert H/T tires will for sure be installed! Nice work Motoz!!! - Kyle