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  1. Ladyknieval

    For Sale 2015 R1200GSW, low miles, one owner

    Bike is sold.
  2. 10,300 miles, always garage kept (considered a garage queen?). Only light gravel use locally. Minor scratches on each engine guard from standing fall overs. Still one year of warranty left after Labor Day weekend. Many extras and farkels: BMW (made by Garmin) Navigator V GPS with Wunderlich screen hood Touratech headlight guard and Cee Baileys clear guard Aeroflow 2 piece side wind fairings (not in pic, sorry. Top piece is in pic) Cee Baileys 20 inch windshield Wunderlich windshield bracing system, no movement at speed at all! Rox risers Wunderlich adjustable levers Alt Rider skid plate and engine guard system Black Dog Cycle Works radiator guard Wunderlich steering stop Stebel air horn Alt Rider Fuel Share System Machine Art Moto cylinder guards Wunderlich adjustable shifter pedal Alt Rider brake pedal extender Black Dog Cycle Works platform foot pegs Black Dog Cycle Works sidestand foot Alt Rider heel and rear brake reservoir guards Maier rear inner fender BMS (Rocky Mayer) custom Rider seat with heat Touratech extended rear fender, affixed with Admore Lighting auxiliary brake light with turn signals Booster Plug, smoothed out low speed "twitchyness" of throttle Tires are at about 60% Michelin Anakee III I am only owner Bike located in Ackley, Iowa Sorry, not parting out, so please don't ask. $15,500 obo
  3. If you look at the review on RevZilla.com, it will accept comm devices fine, even comes with velcro already inside! The peak looks is there for looks only, like most are. Why can't anyone make a peak that can block oncoming sun?
  4. Ladyknieval

    Hello from Iowa

    BTW Eric, I enjoy your vids on YouTube!
  5. Ladyknieval

    Hello from Iowa

    Just my profile pic for now. Right now Lucy is just your basic redhead GSW, with Altrider full protection, upper-lower and skid.
  6. Something that is on Black Dog's website but I do not see it here, is that you have to use it in conjunction with the stock BMW rear rack if you want both, you CANNOT use it together and have a level platform. I verified this with Martha (owner), because I was looking at it as an alternative to Alt Rider, whose price went up almost $50 for their two piece system. If you want a level platform for the GSW, you have to get the "Helopad".
  7. Ladyknieval


    I got one of these at the end of the riding season 2015, so it hasn't seen use on a bike yet (I live in snow country). But I did use it as an airline carry-on one way, and checked bag coming back home. Had two bottles of alcohol in a balsa box inside, and they arrived intact! And of course, none of my gear got wet from rain and snow. Awesome product, can be a bit stiff of a material when cold, but very durable. Getting panniers next!
  8. Ladyknieval

    Hello from Iowa

    My name is actually Kathleen, and I live in north central Iowa. I own two bikes, my trusty moderately farkeled 2001 Suzuki DR650, and my 2015 BMW R1200GSW, still in the farkeling process. I have been riding since I was 16, and the only off road I have done was a little in Apple Valley, CA on the DR, and a little gravel road riding here in Iowa. I really want to do an off road course, Rawhyde or something similar real soon. I don't own these bikes to keep street tires on them! I commute 60 miles round trip to work when it isn't snowy and icy, last good ride was mid December, unheard of in Iowa, but hey, it's an El Nino year! My husband rides also, but he is my Chrome Cowboy, loving a shiny Road King. We are planning a trip late summer to the Canadian Rockies, which will have to be a road trip, me taking the GS.
  9. Ladyknieval

    BMW R1200 GS LC (2015)


    See my review earlier posted.
  10. Ladyknieval

    BMW R1200 GS LC 2015

    Love mine. Was shopping for a little larger Adv bike than my DR650, able to run highway speeds and as I have gotten older, I wanted cruise control. I was supposed to still give two other bikes test rides, but when I took the GS out, it felt like it was my bike! No regrets! The keyless ignition gave me a fit at 275 miles on the odometer, but Beemer made it right, after I got it to the right dealer, which I had to do myself because it wasn't the closest.