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  1. DUXH8R

    2nd Annual Troy Meadows Lost for a Reason ride

    I'm still a "maybe" for this ride, but I have downloaded the file (damn I figured the interwebs out [insert more sarcasm]) in hopes that work cooperates this year.
  2. DUXH8R

    Mitas E-07

    I can add to the discussion on the Mitas E-07 Dakar. First, I have recently mounted them on my F800GSA (90/90-21 & 15/70-17). Second, I am an intermediate off road rider that generally carries around 20 pounds of equipment while riding. Finally, my review is based upon having had a set of Heidenau K60s and a set of Metzler Karoo 3s previously on the bike. My interest in trying this tire was peaked in that it has the reinforced sidewall to try and avoid punctures, and that it was reported to have longer mileage. Everyone knows the K60s last forever, and do not handle the asphalt very well. The Karoo 3s only lasted me 4500 miles, but handled the asphalt very well. The E-07 Dakar looked like a tire that would be as responsive as the Karoo 3 off road, and last longer on the asphalt. After having the tires mounted, I set off for three days of riding in Death Valley National Park. My initial thoughts on the asphalt was that the E-07 Dakars handled better than the k60s, and almost as well as the Karoo 3s. The front tire pulled and grabbed on the highway grooves, but not as bad as the K60. The back tire was smooth at low and high speeds unlike the bounce of the K60 that is very noticeable and the Karoo 3 that is slightly noticeable. Cornering on twisty mountain roads was confident and the front provided similar bite as the Karoo 3, and the rear provided better bite than the Karoo 3. I think the rear provided better bite due to the closer knobs. My only concern was a high speed run when the bike got very fidgety at 90 mph. I had previously taken the Karoo 3 up to 106 mph without any concern. My initial thoughts on the dirst was that the E-07 was way better than the K60s, and equal to the Karoo 3s. I had confidence on rocky/gravel roads that I would not puncture the sidewall. In sand, the bike performed well. The sand was shallow to medium depth and the tires at full pressure and bike loaded up I had no issues. Being in the desert, I have no way to rate mud/wet capabilities. After the weekend, I was ready to switch back to the Karoo 3, but I will keep the tire for now and see how it lasts after more highway miles. I want a tire that performs like the Karoo 3 and lasts like a K60. I may not be able to get that, but after further riding this tire may very well give me the best of both worlds. Happy trails!
  3. Just got off the phone with Danna Scholz from the National Forest Map Store. She was able to confirm that the CBDT is shown on the following National Forest Maps: Modoc, Lassen, Plumas, Angeles, Six Rivers, Mendocino, & Tahoe. I ordered them and will review them and start creating GPX files for them... should be a fun little project to R&D, and by that I mean get out and ride the trails.
  4. Thanks TOStester... in the process of determining which maps to get form National Forest Map Store... they are very, very helpful.
  5. This is the first I have heard of the CBDTs... would love to know where I can learn about all of them and get maps. There supposedly is one that runs from Wrightwood to Gorman.