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  1. MapTacsRay

    Big Bikes at B A J A R A L L Y!

    Eric, that was an epic trip!!! I would not have been able to get any of the stuff I did had it not been for you! Mucho appreciated amigo!!!! Looking forward to doing some riding with you...at some point this year!!!! What an amazing time we had down there!!!!
  2. MapTacsRay

    2016 Baja Rally

    Photos of the racing at the Baja Rally in Mexico
  3. MapTacsRay

    The Importance of Tires

    Awesome rider, and great advice. He ended it off with riding to conditions, and sadly like SUV drivers just because you put knobbies on your big adventure bike does not mean you can ride it like a dirt bike. That is a recipe for a trip to the hospital or morgue. IMHO getting the right training, and finding your limits on what ever bike/tire/conditions is what will help the rider in the end. Should adventure bikes being ridden primarily off road have proper tires, absolutely. Not all big adventure bike riders spend most of their time off road so compromise comes into play, and then of course riding to that level of compromise. Not everyone is an offload phenom like Adam or Chris. Personally I know my limitations, ride within them, have a burning desire to learn and ride better. Do I have the best adventure tires on my bike at this point, not a chance, but it is not going to stop me from exploring. I am not anti knobbie, nothing could be further from the truth. Which brings me back to how Adam ended it...on the pavement he rides to the conditions and cuts loose offroad. All the proper gear, tires, electronics nor friends can help you when you start pushing past your limits, on or off road. Until my street tires are done, I ride to conditions off road and on...the exploration bias will change to a more off road oriented version once I have different tires. Which brings me to rental bikes. I posted up about a discussion (which clearly did not come across well) I had with some friends regarding tires, and the topic of adventure trips to other countries and the type of tires that should be used. In the end that is decided by the company you book with, some companies outfit the bikes with proper tires, most do not. So in the end it comes down to riding within the limits of what you have at the time of the trip. It was a great discussion, because no one judged the others because of their opinions, choice of machines or tires. I wish that type of judgemental B/S would go away, it's why I don't post much on forums, but sadly thats not the way we are wired. Like my ole road race days and advice from a Championship rider, tires and suspension will make all the difference in the world. Sometimes though you just race with what you have....I know it is the same off road, and I am not unaware of it. I just do not see it as limiting my exploration, I had my KTM on some extremely rough sections and found the limits of the crap street tires, so I completely get what Adam said about how proper off road tires will allow you to maintain momentum. At the end of the day Adam or Chris (and maybe 90% of the offload riders I know) have enough talent that they could pass me on a 50cc Grom with street tires. =) I am guessing I need some more training. Thanks for the video and advice it certainly is not lost on me...
  4. MapTacsRay

    Big Bikes at B A J A R A L L Y!

    I will be down there supporting a friend who is riding in the rally! Going to be fun riding down the coast to the Baja from Vancouver Island!
  5. MapTacsRay

    Sjiriki from Belgium

    Maybe an XLADV Welcome??? I would ride down there for that, it would be kind of cool!!!!
  6. MapTacsRay

    Sorta New from Vancouver Island, British Colombia

    I think you can have an adventure on any form of two wheels, maybe an adventure scooter tour is in order!!!! Yesterday, I was surprised when a friend of mine wanted me to lead him to Avatar Grove (the road is pretty rough in a couple of places)...he was on a Honda ST 1300, and the going was slow, but it sold him on getting a bike more suited to exploring! I am excited to get the Duck out to explore more of the Island, especially the northern end west of Port Hardy. If you are ever up this way let me know!
  7. MapTacsRay

    Sjiriki from Belgium

    Welcome Jess! Love your words/photos and looking forward to Japan...
  8. MapTacsRay

    Sorta New from Vancouver Island, British Colombia

    Eric, when you decide to come up we have room...I was thinking about a quick blip up to Hyder, AK from here before the snow flies. I have a ton of places to show ya if you come up!
  9. MapTacsRay

    Sorta New from Vancouver Island, British Colombia

    Thanks Eric, Looking forward to getting to know everyone and attending some of the rides! We lived in Cozumel, it was awesome, but pretty darn flat. Some challenging roads in places though, so it kept it all interesting! Glad to be on Vancouver Island though, it is a mecca for all things adventure!
  10. A big ole Hello to everyone from Vancouver Island!!! I have been a sportbike guy most of my life and entered the XLADV realm in 2009 with a BMW R1200GSA and my wife on a BMW F800GS. We walked away from our jobs, sold most of our stuff, and went on the road for 6 months in 2010! Since then we have lived all over the place, including Mexico for almost a year. We love Vancouver Island so we ended up here and likely will use it as our A.O. for the time being. I upgraded to a 2015 KTM 1290 Super Adventure, sold it and now own a 2016 Ducati Multistrada Enduro. The bike just fits me well, and pretty much does what I want out of the box. I do need to improve my offroad skills, but have never been afraid to explore the limits, not always smart as I found out while trying to get the KTM up a steep rocky slope with the stock Conti's. I love the ability to explore areas that are not filled with RVs, cars, trucks, and such, so here I am. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can!!! Great site here BTW!
  11. MapTacsRay

    ADVMoto Magazine Feature

    I finally picked up a copy! Great article, and positive exposure for XLADV!!!! Love it!!!
  12. MapTacsRay


    Thanks for sharing this Eric, I am still learning the social media thing, and the hashtag thing is just confusing. Companies like to take ownership of tags, but truly who owns anything on the net? I appreciate your points, anything which streamlines my social media helps me with more time to ride, which to me IS the thing that brings us all together. I am still making my way through the threads and posts here, lots of good info and people!
  13. MapTacsRay


    https://www.instagram.com/maptacsray/ Off the hamster wheel for good...
  14. MapTacsRay

    ADVMoto Magazine Feature

    I have got to find this issue!
  15. MapTacsRay

    The All New Ducati Multistrada ENDURO!

    I am still waiting for the crash bars before I do any real offroad. The aluminum plate on the side is for show and is mounted some flimsy stuff attached to the fuel tank, so a tip over would be very pricey. The crash bars look pretty stout though, time will tell. I have done a little off road (nothing very serious at all, gravel with minor grade changes and bumps. The bike just fits me right out of the box, so I am pretty happy with that! Mods so far -Barkbusters -Scottoiler -Radiator guard -Oil Cooler guard -GPS mount