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  1. No not the filter, the dirt and rubbish the fuel filters must keep out of your bike, you do not need that kind of negativity in your life. You would think in this day and age with millions of vehicles and trillion dollar fuel industries it would be stupid to worry that you would still get bad, dirty fuel from fuel stations. Unfortunately in this big world and the need to supply fuel to almost every corner of the globe, even to remote locations, the way fuel is stored and sold means contamination is a real issue. We were under the impression that fuel should generally be of good, clean quality wherever you buy it and so when we set off on our RTW trip in 2010 through Africa we quickly got lessons handed to us about not to assume that clean fuel will be the norm. One of the worst things is to troubleshoot a stranded bike and one of the items to troubleshoot is whether you got clean fuel. It is far better to try and eliminate that possibility all together and spend the time troubleshooting what really got the motorcycle to give up the ghost. Our first real issues were in Ethiopia when another overlander warned us to check the fuel as it’s dirty and will clog our fuel filters. On older carburettor bikes it is easy to replace fuel filters and filters cost very little. On new Fuel Injection bikes the filters sometimes also have a fuel regulator built in and those units are expensive and not so easy to source from car part shops. read more: https://www.pikipikioverland.com/fuel-filters-you-do-not-need-that-kind-of-negativity-in-your-life/ Also a review of the Guglatech fuel filters
  2. Proper knee braces should be part of every serious adventure or dual-sport riders kit And also a review on the Leatt C-frame knee braces we have been using the last 2years and 30000km It is a good question, and we only really came to think about it when Elsebie ran out of luck fifteen years after starting to ride off-road on dual-sport bikes. But we’ll get on to that a little bit later. Most riders buy the obligatory protection for use with a dual sport adventure bike. Helmet, jacket, pants, gloves, super strong enduro boots and they are off. Why riders would think buying super protective enduro boots but not proper knee-braces is a mystery. At least these days more riders use neck braces as part of their kit. I think because suits and pants normally come standard with knee pads, riders accept that they are adequate enough for protecting knees and trust the clothing brand to know best. We have better technology today, lighter stronger materials to offer us protection so why not use these advantages? The same with neck braces. Obviously it feels much better having less kit than more, and you do not want to get to a point where it is better to just not ride and get a safer hobby instead, like playing chess. Many riders today can not afford costly medical bills or be off work or suffer ailments from injuries when older. Most importantly why risk injury and thus not being able to ride when it is possible to utilise the technologies, advances and materials we have today to stay safe? More: https://www.pikipikioverland.com/why-are-so-few-adventure-riders-using-knee-braces/
  3. Why earplugs makes riding motorcycle safer and a review of the Alpine Hearing Protection Motorcycle earplugs. If you want to walk around when you are old with impaired hearing and keep responding with a “Whaaat did you say?” to your kids cheating at board games, then keep riding without proper earplugs. I am sure in this day of our lord 2018 there is enough information available on the WWW, for the majority of people not living in caves, to know that wind noise and noise levels while riding motorcycles can cause permanent hearing damage. In case some people are not aware of it let me give some reasons and arguments as to why wearing earplugs is a very good idea. Remember it is not only for ear-protection, it makes riding motorcycles safer. Also those foam plugs, they aren't what it seems More: https://www.pikipikioverland.com/earplugs-makes-riding-a-motorcycle-safer/
  4. That dude dont need no shelter, he can take refuge in his own beard
  5. For me personally I find it underhanded for the lack of a better word when people does not disclose their sponsorship deals. Either you come across as a respected reviewer that will say it as it is and still disclose your interest or you are not and know people will give you an evil eye as you can't say anything shit about it. I don't think there is anything wrong with disclosing your interest, if I read the review and it seems the guy or girl at least tried to be unbiased then it is cool. Many do show it on their bio and Insta as pride but when it comes to reviews they don't add a disclaimer.
  6. I had the same issue with that App @Eric Hall so I am using the one you are using but it as ugly as sin as it is too big. Will see if there is one that is better looking when posted. As for # and copy cats, the copy and paste pages seems to have less engagement and have somehow started to fall in popularity. I think also the ones that just start up to monetize later on capitalize on other people's efforts will have not have it as easy anymore. XLADV will have to keep posting good content not just photos to keep growing and show to be community supportive.
  7. Uganda is absolute amazing!!!! One of our top 5 countries ever travelled. We planned a week there and nearly stayed two months. The USA was really our biggest surprise. I swear I was more scared to ride the USA than Sudan or Turkana route. People and friends really told me not to speak to cops and have Elsebie talk to them as they will throw my ass in jail for doing or saying something stupid. And it is true the fu((ing media is the worst a$$holes in the world doing the most damage to the image of countries. I have zero time for them and will keep on writing articles to tell people to go to places. I ask many overlanders why they do not go through Africa and all are too chicken shit scared. Africa is not a walk in the park but it is a wonderful adventure travel destination and one of the last proper RAW experiences. South America - Ushaia is a holiday.
  8. If we do the work group it has to be a group effort. Meaning people have to do their bit to go post on the post people make. @Eric Hall is the only one that post a lot more than the others which might become an issue for some. But then also the only reason doing a group is to increase followers and get engagement up. If that is not important then it is not worth doing this. If you guys and girls wants to do this we make a message group on Insta and once you posted you share the post to that group. We comment on the post and like the post and like the comment post. So it is easy to sit at one go and see where you commented and where not. Unfortunately now with the new Insta algorithms it is about the only way to grow a following other than the normal way.
  9. Man your photos are stunning I liked it since the 1st one you posted way back of your bike in the dunes and you had one in snow.
  10. Agree with you 100% on FB and on the BS. Instagram at least is just fun and although not needing too much brain power it is much nicer to follow and see the people you really enjoy following. @Eric Hall we can try that, it will cost nothing and not much effort. You can start a group in Insta and send one of your post as the group and we can just comment on it. And everytime someone do a post they can send the post the group to comment on. I only do 3 post a week so won't spam the place up.
  11. Absolutely Eric that is the sad part of whatever de F they want to achieve with their software decision. I know the group comment posting works well. Heard it from other groups, but you have to have a group that will work at it. But that it works is true.
  12. Instagram's brain is loosing it. I thought @Eric Hall was just busy with the Baja rally to post much on XLadv. Because I haven't seen a lot of XLadv post lately. Here and there the odd one but not as often as I remember his regular feed. Go look now and there's a load of post that for sure did not come up on my feed. All I can think is Insta / FB algorithms is not working for me or working properly. I know you can set a page to notify you when they post but this means I will have to set quite a few to make sure I see their post.
  13. Okay apprantly this case the bike went over a cliff in Lesotho!
  14. Don't know what happened
  15. The market for 2wheel RV's is still the dominant one and growing.