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  1. I dont understand did the spokes corrode? What is erosion red?
  2. I was a bit stupid when I started Insta, was like a kid in a candy store, so many nice blogs I could not stop following them. Also pages outside of the Adv community. But I always tried to follow back the guys and girls who have nice pages and made and effort to post good quality stuff. But then Facebook got Insta and decided we have to be forced to see what their algorithms decide I want to see. It was a bugger up, as I would not see the ones I really wanted to see. This last few weeks I decided it was time to clean house, also, I had enough of repost pages that I tag and often they never respond to anything so I stop tagging them and I will eventually unfollow them, I see no need to look or follow them otherwise. Also unfollowed many who post one or two bike shots and the rest is kids and cats, I ain't wanna see all those photos. Not my thing There are some nice NASA space pages, photography, cars and bike site to follow I will post some i follow.
  3. That is a very high possibility. I have heard of a few such instances. Also heard of spoken going loose and people not noticing it early.
  4. Yeah some use bikes as props to get things
  5. hell no! what a douche, maybe cave men gave him tips on courting
  6. It is about time we get new technology in helmet designs. There's more money and research spend on football and related helmets than motorcycle helmets. It looks like a great product.
  7. Speedbumps to Starbucks are epic stuff 😀
  8. @Polar Nomad I am sure there must be smaller companies that you can approach for that purpose? If you have a truck there are better tents than that to use surely? If using a truck to make a basecamp, man, I will go full out glamping It is interesting you and @beemer bunny say about Lonerider and Redverz, I thought it was the same damn company. Did Redverz have a patent or something on it? How would they be able to sue just on copying them? I never knew it was two different companies and that they had a barn brawl over it. When did this happen?
  9. Damn @beemer bunny I never thought brands would go that low. I mean you just send people a pic and ask to repost. That's maybe part of this entire issue, it is unethical and just plain wrong and makes a joke of it all. I don't like the tent either as it's too bulky and too big and for the love of Zuess why do you have to park your bike in garage? There's no need for it. I wrote this article on tents and wanted to use them as example as what not to use on a long trip. But guess by how many they sell people obviously think it is worth while. Glamping would be more fitting @Polar Nomad sponsorship was easy for us when we had our company but testing people were an issue and even more crucial to screen. It's easy lining people up to destroy a product for testing, which most think is what a brand wants. What we wanted was people with technical minded abilities, people that could give proper valuable feedback, they did not necessarily had to know fabric specs but people that will use the stuff in ways it will be used in the real world and could give feedback and suggestions based on how they used it. Those are valuable people to have onboard a brand! Our sponsorship we gave noobs 30-50% discount as a start. Reason being that if they only last 2 weeks we haven't lost that much. Also free stuff have zero value, they will throw stuff away as easy as they got it. They show zero commitment from their side when they get free stuff. Paying for it at least they have invested in what they said they will do. The people we got a good relationship with over time we sponsored 100%. I am a big believer in sponsorship in our sport, hopefully it will mature and brands will get people on board with good social media skills that won't spam the place up and will add value for the entire community. It is great to see so many new small businesses popping up in this market.
  10. @rtwPaul yeah man I need to edit about 1000photos and we are stuck in a rainy Banõs so I get sidetracked quite easily
  11. That truly I can say @Eric Hall travelling made me rethink many of my own believes and values. Stuck into a stereotype believes are not good for the body and mind.
  12. @Eric Hall yeah I don't really understand that kind of argument but okay. I get the feeling there are some jealousy issues there. First off, myself and Paul as example, whatever sponsorship we can get can not make up for the money we spend or invested in our own trips. It's not even 2.5% of the cost of our trip. So why think you are special being not supported? Most importantly it is MY trip, I am also absolutely self supported, I am riding just like he is, I am overlanding and travelling just like he is doing does that make me less worthy? I pay my own bikes, fuel, stay, meals, shipping, opportunity cost of not working, cameras, kit and stuff. If I get a few things for free in return for photos, content or reviews W7F is wrong with that? I write articles to magazines for beer money, so that is also frowned upon?
  13. @Eric Hall what was the issue with the Index why where they hating you for it?
  14. @rtwPaul I saw that, the guy was just a douchebag man. And he quote you in a post to Lisa 2wheelnomad who has some of the highest numbers of sponsors from all the riders I know. It is due to your exposure that he knew about you for a start and I wonder if he told Lisa she is a mooch.. Sometimes the brain hurts from what people come up with. Agree with your comment. But wait there's more. First thing is there is nothing wrong with sponsorship or getting stuff for free from a company or parcel sponsorship or a generous discount for photos, content, exposure or a review in return. It is part of every companies marketing mix since capitalism started. Every sportsman including the Dakar boys as example does it. You do not have to apologise for that whether they contacted you or you them, full stop. What is different is that our adventure rider social club is not a big market so we have many small players, yeah there's TT and KLIM and so on but as a whole it is not a big thing as in other activities like 4x4 and RV's and stuff. So how do these relatively small players get their stuff noticed without blowing the budget on mega $ magazines? Social media and the internet have leveled the playing field for them and allowed them to also get their name out there through using people like you to be sponsored. I think where the hate thing comes in is that as I mentioned many of the riders are not marketers and many of the small businesses does not know their way around marketing and advertising and social media use and etiquette. So they spammed the place up and it got people's back hairs up. Two, three years ago there was a massive amount of people being sponsored and it was utter agony to look at FB each day. There are still some that just does not get it and spam the place up. It died down a bit the last two years. And also you had the those same people doing reviews and punting stuff without being honest. They would never say Sena is shit or TT never replaced their shocks as example. I know of so many incidences where people never spoke out about the shit they had with products. Not once of stuff, real bad inherent problems that is worth mentioning about a product. That made people distrust the entire sponsorship thing and why they call them sellouts and stuff. Even now, you would get better service being sponsored than not. And I know that through experience. I know of a sponsored couple that got new saddlebags and not two months later wrote a stunning positive review on them. But those same bags I know from long term users fell apart and not just with one incident a few I that I spoke off. That is the issue here, some people are just not good to have as sponsored riders. As I have said in my initial article I wrote last year, there is a lot of benefits for both parties but the sponsorship thing needs to mature with this industry and hopefully it is on the right track. Brands are more cautious and attentive of who and how they sponsor and how they and the person must work together. @Eric Hall and I spoke about it that there are people like him out there that can help small businesses to learn and manage this properly. And hopefully as Egle's article was well written people can see it is also not just about getting free stuff there are pitfalls with it, she presented all the sides of the issue. If you understand and work with good brands and know why you want sponsorship then it can be a fun thing to do. In aaaaaany case I have a RTW trip to plan
  15. Same here, I learned a lot being on both sides of that coin. It is nice eventually to partner with 2 or 3 good brands that understand both sides. In the long run it is fun and add value for both. We have been part of a few brands product development teams and it really fun. But it only came about because we used their stuff and although not sponsored spoke about them. In a small way it is great to know we add value to our riding community. Man that AT is such a cool bike I can imagine how you feel!