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  1. michnus


    Watch how Insta "Influencers" lose all their shit now! But as we have said so many times, you can't build a business on someone else's platform. Google+ is dead, and now this will also stop some Insta businesses dead in their tracks. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/instagram-without-likes-photos-2019
  2. michnus


    The Bought not build crowd ain't going to like this. All those Dollas they wastes buying like and followers, shame 😂 https://petapixel.com/2018/11/20/instagram-is-deleting-fake-followers-and-likes/
  3. michnus


    The baffling question is why pay for likes? Any company needing exposure and buying likes surely by now know they are pissing money way. You benefit zero by getting zero of your target market liking your stuff. Why normal people would buy likes is beyond stupid. Like you say it is so obvious and cringe-worthy than wearing a toupee. It is so easy to see the people doing that. There are a new guy and girl riding Asia and they knocked up thousands of like on each post and they started a few months ago. It is highly unlikely they would grow a Insta account that quick. But so be it, if people are so blinded by fame or whatever the hell they think they need it, then let them blow their money
  4. The Eo7 Dakar is a decent tyre, it is the ones we just replaced. Bloody tough strong tyre and a bitch to fit and take off. We have no choice for riding the 50/50 lot. I would have loved to use more offroad orientated tyres but we need to get miles as well. So we make due with the 50/50 lot. Saying that we do all kinds of offroad and I mean proper offroad stuff and tracks and the Mitas did not disappoint, also maybe just because we have to make them work. But I agree a better offroad tyre would be wonderful. If the GPS offers a half decent life we can try them. But if they last as long as the Mitas that would be bloody cool, less than 8000km odd it would be no good.
  5. The Warthogs got new rubbers, this time its Motoz. Interestingly this 50/50 tyre can be swopped around which then makes it a more offroad tyre... they say. Paid the absurd amount of 10us to fit the new tyres here in Peru, I just had to take the wheels off the bikes and refit them. We try all the tyres we can get if it seems some reviews are positive. It beats struggling through Facebook post with 300 comments about what tyre is good. The Mitas we replaced did surprisingly well and better than the K60's.
  6. michnus


    Agree with you 100%. I get many a day where I just don't have the energy to take photos. But more so, since we started travelling in 2010 I got to a point now where posting on social media is a pain in the arse. The more and longer you go the less important sharing stuff becomes. I still do but selectively, I take photos and videos for me first, if one of them is okay for social media then so be it. That said I wont make the same mistake again, I did not take that many photos when we started and in hindsight afterwards were pissed at myself because I wanted to show people some of the places and I did not have photos. I could not print us nice wall prints, I could not send photos to magazines for the articles I wrote. In all basically I recon it is better to have many than none
  7. michnus

    Top 10 Moto Camping Essentials

    Man, I am so allergic to weight I try and get away with the bare essentials. But some luxuries when camping is nice I see so many people use and promote the Redverz tents. Which is one of the absolute not takes for me, a tent alone that weighs 6kg! And packs 23 x 53 cm! That's the entire back seat gone just on a tent. Then the need to have a bike inside a tent? For what I don't know. If it is for security, I won't camp at a place where security is an issue. For the odd sand storm? That tent won't stand in a sand storm. For space to sit up? Well get a normal tent with good liveability there's loads of them for a lot less, and weighs and packs less. Also having a tent that is self standing and which can be used with out the fly sheet is a bonus in summer. It must be erected in 2min and packed in 5 or so. Everything about that tent I can not imagine I want as a bike tent. For a family car trip maybe. But luckily each person carry their own shit on their bikes and we have so many choices of tents, so good up on the ones that wants to drag that behind them https://www.pikipikioverland.com/motorcycle-trip-planning-and-preparation/how-to-pick-the-best-tent-for-motorcycle-travel/ We have been using cheap DIY store supplied tarps to cover our bikes since we started travelling in 2010. Use for working on the bikes, as a ground sheet in thorny places to not get punctures in the air matts and tent and rain cover. Having a tarp is one of my absolute camping essentials.
  8. michnus


    Just sometimes the absolute absurdity of social media and populism is leaving me with Forest Whitaker eyes and honestly leaves me speechless. So many likes for such cheesy, &%$#@!ed up photos? The photos says nothing, it means nothing. Maybe people feel they travel vicariously through these BS photos? Is the world this bloody shallow? Just makes me want to drop kick this social media stuff even more. "Meatspace" keeping it real.
  9. michnus

    Top 10 Moto Camping Essentials

    All good nice list. But an axe? Not even close to an essential. Leatherman tool is much more of an camping essential than a axe that just a piece of dead weight
  10. Nice thanks for that info!! I checked and it seems we had a distributor in South Africa, one dealer still stock some of their stuff but at stupidly inflated prices, the type of prices that borders on rape. Since we are back here for a couple of months thought I can them and the SPORT pack to take back to Peru. Just emailed AntiG in the USA will hear what they have to say. How does they perform when you have to crank the engine over for a while when example when the bike does not want to start right away? Can they go for a few times cranking over?
  11. Thanks Eric! This is interesting, I haven't thought of one that can double as a starter pack for the bike. The old ones was very heavy and bulky. Sure if Antigravity has one that is relatively small and compact and can do duty to start a bike it would be wonderful. The little Sena one was really nifty and worked well but it had its time. Do you know if the Antigravity has a SAE connector option? I fitted SAE connectors to our bikes to run the stuff in the our tankbags and they are directly connected to our batteries so will work when trying to jumpstart the bike. I see the Sport only weighs 244grams! That's good stuff and can start a car with it. About their bike batteries, are they good to start in cold conditions? Can you jumpstart if the battery is flat ir must you have a special charger? I agree with you on a good brand, some rubbish or no-name ones works for a few months then die, or like you say they burn or stuff like that. I would rather pay the premium for a brand and have recourse if the damn thing fail. And have their backing knowing the thing works.
  12. michnus


    Might also just be the times we are in currently, people rage out on everything and have no self control or restraint. And many does not know they can just keep scrolling.
  13. Some time ago we were given a small Sena powerbank to use on charging Sena headsets as a gift. In no time it got used to charge phones and cameras. It actually was quite a damn nifty thing to carry on the bikes with us. But not 2 years and many charges later its time is up. The question is which are good brands for powerbanks and any suggestion on a small unit that is compact and maybe a 10000-160000mah charge?
  14. michnus


    Actually no, he had recourse and does not have to prove damages, well he does but still they used his work. Even if he does not sue them, the damages to them through social media is quite a bit as an unethical slime ball company. BMW actually did sue a photographer for selling a photo with their bike in it and the logo visible. They claimed the bike is their property type stuff
  15. michnus


    @Eric Hall you are kidding?! People got upset over the floss dance? What possibly could offend them? Dear lord it is as harmless fun as eating grass