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    Electrical fail / misfiring 07' GSA

    Dear all GS fans Cheers from Colombia. This is one my first post on this forum. I'm facing (again) an electrical fail on my 07' GSA. It's a kind of missfiring when WOT. The iddle it's fine, no fail or shaking, just perfect. The fail just come up when a twist suddenly the throttle. For the records, about 8 months ago the bike had the same issue, so i decided to check the coils and i found that one of them had a missing connector from the main harness to the coil itself and was linked and soldered directly to the connector that goes into the coil. One on the wires was unstuck from the connector which i assume was causing the missifiring when twisting the throttle. At that time, the fail dissapeared but now has returned again . Last weekend i performed an maintenance to the bike including spark plugs change and i seviced again the wires into the coil connector but fail it's still there. Does anyone has faced this issue or hear about it? Any suggestion? i appreciate your responses. I have attached a picture of the wiring harness before the job i did to the wires and an audio clip with the fail.