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  1. polishadam82

    The New Kawasaki 2017 Versys-X 300 ABS

    my average is 53mpg
  2. polishadam82

    The New Kawasaki 2017 Versys-X 300 ABS

    I got one and so far I like except the seat but other then that pretty fun little bike
  3. polishadam82

    Motoz Tires

    once you go MOTOZ you never go back
  4. polishadam82

    The New Kawasaki 2017 Versys-X 300 ABS

    i think this is my next new bike
  5. polishadam82

    Death Valley Ken Mooty Memorial Ride - Nov '16

    This was one of my best DV trips, great people and great riding plus perfect weather and good beer what else can you ask for right
  6. polishadam82

    Super Tenere in the Pacific Northwest

    nice I'm a super ten owner from nor cal I'm sure I will end up in WA at some point sooner or later and meet you guys
  7. polishadam82

    Saline Valley Hot Springs Apr '15

    looks like shitload of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. polishadam82

    Suggestion on how to improve XLADV? Post 'er up!

    Eric thank you for inviting me to this forum and so far is have to say it's pretty badass anyways I have a question about background color, is there any way to make it maybe little darker or even black ( yes I know you guys thinking about advrider) there is actually a lot of mountain bike forums that are more into hmm "dark side" background and in my opinion is a little bit easier on eyes I don't know I figured maybe that could be changed from kind of plain white. just my .02$