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    Hello from Farmington, New Mexico

    My wife works for a multinational company and they offered her a job here...we came to check it out and loved it. 4 hours away from Grand Canyon and the diversity of landscapes is something to behold.....from Alaska, Yukon (glaciers, lakes) to active volcanoes. So whilst we are this side, we have used every opportunity to travel! Very privileged indeed... If you someday manage to come this side, would love to assist if possible.....
  2. Hi Originally from South Africa and been living in Farmington for the last 4 years....have travelled widely through Africa and now through North America. I embark on a summer trip - found this winterization thingie strange- for about 2 months and have been North though Canada and Alaska the last two summers. Love camping (and the latest, useful gadgets)...e.g. A lightweight chair to relax in with armrests that is light after a hard day's riding..... I currently have the BMW GSA 1200 adventure (water cooled) and loving it... Have travelled extensively through USA (primarily western part) and Canada. Highlight - of many - has been tackling the Dalton Highway solo for most of the way .....