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    Motoz Tractionator Adventure Rear

    I recently had a opportunity to test a set of the Motoz Tractionator Adventure tires on my KTM 990 Adventure. The first thing I noticed about the tires was their aggressive tread pattern for dirt usage while still maintaining a overall rounded profile for smooth cornering on those sections of pavement between the dirt. After thoroughly inspecting/admiring the tires it was time to mount them up at home in the garage. Overall the mounting went as hassle-free as any other tire I've mounted by hand and that's a plus. One thing I noticed was the tires did not have a discernible mark to line up with the valve stem during mounting for balancing purposes. This is minor as the tires exhibited no issues once mounted. Maybe the Motoz crew can give us some insight into their markings or include a mark on future production runs. After getting the wheels/tires back on the bike it was time for a test ride. First up pavement, right from the start, following a initial scrub in period, the tires worked great on pavement! I tend to push my bike in the corners regardless of the tire pattern's intended use and the Motoz Tractionator Adventure completely hooked up and took all of the abuse I could dish out. Riding solo or two-up, didn't matter, these tires kept asking for more. I did have one situation where I thought the tires made more road noise than others that I've used but, I now attribute that to that particular section of road and not the tire. Next up was seeing if the tires worked as well in the dirt. I was definitely not disappointed with their off pavement performance. I live along the Colorado Front Range where we have a lot of loose decomposed granite and the tires had no problem what so ever gripping in our less than optimal conditions. The times when I was really playing around with the bike and getting it squirrelly, the tires were very predictable when I was able to get them to spin up. Despite all of the miles I've racked up on the Motoz Tractionator Adventure's they seem to be wearing quite well. I've very anxious to see how their longevity compares with other tires I've used on the 990. Other tires used: Pirelli Scorpions, Maxxis Big Blocks, and Mefo Explorers. Pros: Excellent traction both on and off pavement. Impressive wear performance, great price. Cons: A lack of sidewall markings for home installation/balancing. Availability however, if they don't have them already slavensracing.com should have them in stock shortly and they ship worldwide. Would I buy another set of Motoz Tractionator Adventure's...DEFINITELY!