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  1. You've hit the nail on the head. I've seen far to often the same exact things both you a Ryan mentioned. That's the main reason why I started my blog. The good thing about having a full time job that's not related to motorcycling is I can tell the consumer what I actually like or don't like about the product and not worry if they (The brand) ever speak to me again. Thankfully a large percentage of the gear I've written about has been from companies that do the homework first.
  2. The new PACKTALK Slim by Cardo is so streamlined you can barely notice it’s on the helmet. No more bulky mess hangi… https://t.co/ozgw1LDNxJ

  3. RT @WANDRD_Official: Complete your #whatsinmywandrd shot by adding our new Travel Journal. LESS THEN 24 HOURS left to order yourself one!…

  4. Star Trek log, day 2 - Exploring the vast deserts of Mars. Experiencing extreme heat with little wind. • • ?= shaw… https://t.co/1QPajzW8BD

  5. Quad Lock System https://t.co/1qEl80bI5W https://t.co/cz5mqk5Ldz

  6. Don’t just dream the adventure, live it! #motorcycle #overland #travel #ADVENTURE @BMWMotorradUSA @REVERMOTO https://t.co/CKNoCK1y7y

  7. Not a bad view to get you motivated! • • #bixbybridge #bigsur #xladv #2wheeladv #highway1 #hwy1 #motorcycle… https://t.co/smsR22Um3E

  8. @CardoScalaRider Pretty low ? https://t.co/E7pIUwO4r1

  9. BMW TFT Paired To Cardo PACKTALK, Sneak Peak Update 4.2: https://t.co/kEu2QrrPax via @YouTube

  10. Alaska Bound Day 6 - Dawson to Fairbanks: https://t.co/JJsNkDFDAK via @YouTube

  11. Love cooking with my cast iron! #castiron #cooking #MasterChefCelebrity #food #cook #foodie #outdoorcooking… https://t.co/ZAUEJm5qGP

  12. Sounds good but feels like extra work one could avoid if Sena/Cardo would allow direct pairing with the GoPro units. I have been using the Hero 5 for my recent attempts at Motovlogging and have learned the hard way not to use the quick capture or you lose the audio. Also the big audio adapter for the 5 is a pita. If enough people request these firmware updates the communication industry will eventually listen
  13. Here’s to an awesome weekend! • • #bigtrail #motolife #overlander #dualsportlife #travel #nakedplanet… https://t.co/x2tglFhHaQ

  14. Alaska Bound Day 5 - Whitehorse to Dawson City: https://t.co/dp6vygDbSP via @YouTube

  15. @arcticmotoadv Nice!

  16. @arcticmotoadv Awesome, congratulations ?. Feels great doesn’t it?

  17. +1 for the Micro starts. I've used one myself and it's a great dual purposes item when you need to conserve on space. If I'm traveling somewhere close I just bring along my cheap amazon Power Add system, 20000mAh capable of multiple cell phone charges. Link: Power Add battery pack I don't know if it's the best out there but I know it survived a month of hard use riding in Alaska.
  18. Alaska Bound Day 3 - Smithers to Dease Lake: https://t.co/tI2UoFp2wM via @YouTube

  19. @petermckinnon Sucks getting old bro ?

  20. Alaska bound - day 2, Williams Lake to Smithers: https://t.co/w0i0YWX9XN via @YouTube

  21. Rocking my new dirt bike lid by Bell. The Moto 9 Flex. • • #overlandadventure #bellhelmets #2wheeladv… https://t.co/9IfQ7bBaRB

  22. Remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we may enjoy the freedoms we have. • • #memorialday #memorial… https://t.co/tuvwYPjSIq

  23. Motorcycle cooking Bmw style with a side of riding https://t.co/mibJr2zG8O via @YouTube

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