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  1. beemer bunny

    Hello from Colombia. South America

    hi there and welcome here! i'll be in colombia for approx. 3 weeks in march 2019 just can't wait to go!
  2. beemer bunny


    sounds interesting! i'll definitely download it next year, when i am in the US. doesn't show up in our EU stores.
  3. beemer bunny


    @Eric Hall whose feed?
  4. beemer bunny

    Lyndon Poskitt's "Blazin' Through Baja" Video

    i do remember lyndon conversing with a common friend on FB in the comments section of a photo of that common friend's bike. and asking our common friend how come he didn't have a lyndon poskitt sticker on his bike. to which our common friend replied that there was no reason for one to be on his bike, since lyndon was not sponsoring or doing anything in particular for him. lyndon's response: "ouch"
  5. beemer bunny


    i more and more find the virtual world to be way scarier than the real world ^^ never encountered any weirdos on any of my trips. but on the net... woo hoo!
  6. beemer bunny


    i see and understand all that you say, but it still don't give a hoot whether my account grows or not. and i'm certainly not going to push for that to happen, one way or another. i'm still naive and old school, i suppose. and it's just about the sharing of information and photos. and following the accounts that i want to follow because they are of interest to me. and not those that i feel i need to follow - or that others would like for me to follow, for whatever bizarre reason(s). did an early spring-cleaning on FB. went from 600+ friends - and "friends" - down to 50. and these 50, i have had direct contact with at some point and interact with regularly, which counts for a lot, in my eyes.
  7. beemer bunny


    i've noticed this, both on IG and FB. at times, i used to get requests on FB from complete strangers and upon checking their account and friends' list, you'd notice they had almost exclusively girls/ladies, a number of which i followed and/or who followed me. and those guys were just adding and adding to their list. some obviously didn't even ride bikes. some also get very pushy very quickly via DMs and/or Messenger too. and then you have the ones that you have exchanged with on motorcycle related topics, that unfollow you one day and refollow you the next day, hoping for... ??? sure are a lot of weirdos and/or creepy individuals out there.
  8. beemer bunny


    he'd lost me at "Hey girl!" not someone i follow either.
  9. beemer bunny

    BMW F850 GS

    my bad. i should have been more specific. the same colours were there on the 80GS, but as far as the design of the decals goes, it's definitely closer to those of today's africa twin. thinner lines and motifs, as opposed to the rather large coloured blocks that were on the older 80GS :-) and well, as you correctly point out, the gold rims have honda written all over them. they could have avoided those. it would have distanced the bike from the AT, as far as looks go.
  10. beemer bunny

    BMW F850 GS

    reminds me of the same-but-not-same colour scheme schuberth's plastered on one of their helmets. so so close to the colour scheme of one of icon's variant helmets, which was issued earlier. do they think people are dumb enough that they aren't going to notice and/or ponder on how lame it is? the lack of originality. makes you wonder what else they cut corners on. people want to by a bike that sticks out and that is more and better than that other one. not a bland and approximate copy of another model/brand. and we all know that the first impression you get after that first look is usually what makes all the difference. and if it's bad, it's going hard to get people to get over it. seriously? icon's original variant: and schuberth's later design:
  11. beemer bunny

    BMW F850 GS

    looks like the blueprint of the africa twin honda DIDN'T keep. especially with that colour scheme...
  12. most people i know take their Sidi boots a size larger than they would with another brand. they do size a little small. i bought the Crossfire SRS in the size boot i usually take, which is already one size larger than my Converse sneakers. they fit snuggly, with no pressure points or pain. however, for a truly perfect fit, i probably could have gone with a half size larger. especially in case one day i want to put warmer socks on, for example. i read that the Crossfire TA is somewhat wider. might be a better fit. as for the Tech 8... on the 1150, there is no way i'll ever be able to shift the gears. they are just too thick and she still has her original gear lever, which does not allow for much adjustment. and i can't be bothered to change it. might be able to adjust the gear lever on the 1200 though (she has an aftermarket one). have to check it out. in the past, whenever i had boots to "break" in, i'd wear them as often as possible, even when not on a bike (or a horse). but even walking is tough. not to mention walking down a staircase i didn't even manage to back up the bike while sitting on it with them on. meh.
  13. but i am now getting the following error message whenever i like one of your posts on the forum
  14. i have the Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS, which i have, quite comfortably, been traveling with for the past 2 years. debating whether to replace them with the Sidi Crossfire 3 TA. also have this pair of Alpinestars Tech 8, which i got as a gift. these are as hard as they are comfortable... the 1st time i put them on, i never managed to shift gears. never wore them again. shame though. love their look. and i have a pair of Sidi Adventure 2 for shorter everyday rides to work, etc.
  15. beemer bunny

    Sonora Rally 2018

    the $6k is your total budget for the sonora and the coast-to-coast?