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  1. one (new?) annoying feature on instagram. since recently and despite having disabled ALL notifications in IG, i am now getting a new type of notification, which apparently cannot be turned off anywhere. or i just can't find where to do this. say that at some point, i posted a comment on a photo - even months ago, i am now getting notifications every time the person who posted the photo comments it further. this is SO annoying. am now refraining from commenting. down to "likes" only.
  2. hey! welcome. nice to see you here
  3. @michnus i'm pretty sure that cavemen had more style than this individual does ^^
  4. @Hawkmoon_gs1200r to click or not to click, that is the question ^^
  5. well, instagram. this topic got us talking about brands, gears, distributors, fellow travelers, idiots, copycats, statistics and so much more. i'm happy to share with you my first ever social network mariage proposal. don't follow the guy. and he started following my account just recently. my only interaction with this individual was a thank you in response to a public comment he made on the last photo i posted (1 days ago). i reckon that by declining the message, he would also understand that i was declining his proposal. no harm done, but gee, the stuff you receive sometimes. then again, when checking his account, i did see that he is a biker. hummmmm. decisions, decisions...
  6. the founder of the lone rider tent and brand is frederic scheffer. a few days ago, he started following my IG account. and then stopped again a few days later he is originally from france. and yes, the lone rider tent is french too. the first i read about it was in 2012, if i recall correctly.
  7. @Polar Nomad so true with regards to them rather poorly copying the redverz. i had almost forgotten about that. if only for that reason, i'd sooner buy the redverz version than theirs ^^
  8. i was recently contacted by someone involved with the lonerider tents. he wrote that he liked my IG account and would i agree to post something about the lonerider tent. he also stated that he would be happy to send me a high resolution photo for said post. my response was along the lines that: 1. i only posted about gear and products that i actually bought, used and believed in. as i hate to depend on anyone or feel like i owe anything to anyone, i buy my own stuff and can't really be bothered to review them in-depth either. however, i do a lot of research before actually buying anything. and no, their tent wasn't even close to being on my list of "maybe". 2. that my own personal belief, having seen them in real life nevertheless, was that their lonerider tent was too bulky and too heavy. considering that bulk and weight are the archenemy when traveling far and long. 3. that my bikes were not made out of sugar, didn't melt when it rained and therefore didn't need a "garage" while on the road. 4. that i disliked the name "lonerider" (even though i ride alone about 90% of the time ^^) that pretty much ended the conversation. although the guy was polite about it and said that he would pass my comments on - which i doubt he did. but let's give him the benefit of the doubt. so there are some people out there who are trying to make you feel extra special and like they're doing you a favor by sending you a high resolution photo of their product (which you do not own and do not use, and which they will not be providing, whether for free or at a reduced price), so that you can post it on your social media account and generate publicity for them? yeah right...
  9. oh boy, this is getting so exciting now!!! can't wait to be able to follow your progress during the race. hope you have the time of your life. enjoy and stay safe!!!
  10. hey!!! that's the cute polish guy with the awesome stickers and the nice IG account too! nice to see you here ^^
  11. a friend of mine wrote to me last night that he is experiencing the same issues with his adventure rally as i had with mine. so, seam tape... or zippers? i still have my doubts about their explanation
  12. just got news back from klim regarding my adventure rally jacket that was sent for testing, after they replaced it. "The results from your warranty case confirmed that you were indeed getting wet. The seam tape in the arms had let go which was only apparent after opening the garment up. I am glad that we had you send it in." glad to know i was not imagining things. and that the zippers were apparently not at fault, despite being only water-resistant ^^
  13. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EAT SLEEP BRAAP (and the coolest Multistrada Enduro out there) is here welcome!!!
  14. someone showed me a video of the monkey lift. pretty interesting actually!
  15. despite not being there and from what i have read, i fully support your actions, as far as these "gentle"men were concerned. it shows a complete lack of respect and consideration to the event organizer. to the other participants, who paid in full to attend. and towards the charity, since the aim was to collect funds for it. as for the "don't you know who I am?", sadly there's a lot of that sort of attitude going around. and as you say, if they at least had the courtesy of asking... what can i say? some people were brought up and educated. and others were just fed.