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    Hello from Finland

    Thanks for the comments! That's my Honda near Ouninpohja special stage start.. Ilpo is well known person in the scene and several forums here in Finland, although I do not now him personally. I have not been much interested in videos, so please do not expect much on that. I did buy SJ4000 last October, so maybe something in the future... I do not have much overland trips, more like quick blasts in near-by gravel roads or extended weekend at most. I hate touring in motorways, that's not for me...
  2. TiuSo

    Honda Announces 2016 VFR1200X Adventure Model

    I have been riding DCT Crosstourer for something like 30 000 km now. Last year, more than 50% of my mileage was from gravel or soft enduro. I did several track-days also with it. For my current usage this the bike ticks all the boxes. Especially I like to ride rally roads (http://www.nesterallyfinland.fi/en/), absolutely in love Ouninpohja and similar places... I haven't ever been in the Starbucks, maybe I should go there someday...
  3. TiuSo

    Hello from Finland

    Greetings everyone! Newbie here, from the land of thousand lakes... I am living in central Finland area, and I'm keen on riding on small roads, gravel or tarmac. Also been having a couple of track days each summer. Currently on DCT Crosstourer, I think it's keeper for me.