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  1. XTreme

    Top ride out on 660 Tenere's

    Nice one Chris!
  2. XTreme

    Round the Reservoirs in Southern Spain

    I live 3000ft up in the mountains of Granada! Very dry air......rust doesn't exist up here! The area is full of endless trails.....all these are within a mile of where I live.
  3. XTreme

    Round the Reservoirs in Southern Spain

    Very much so Bryan! I've been here 10 years (I'm originally from UK) and I've seen extremes of +46 and -20.
  4. Hi guys......here's a lttle run in Southern Spain from a few weeks ago. Out at 11AM.....pretty nippy with snow on the peaks! Made my way up to the reservoir and ventured along the trails around it! Water levels are the lowest I've ever seen! The trail wasn't too bad at this point.....but it started to get a bit rockier as I went further in.... Notice the snow on the peaks! Made my way out onto the main road.....and ran into ice all across the road! Time for a delicate U turn! And here's the vid........cos without a vid....it didn't happen! That's the thing about where I live......photos are deceptive. It can look like a Summer's day but the temperatures can feel a lot different.