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  1. FTL900

    ADV Fitness thread?

    Yeah, that's exactly what happened... she was very cute, but kind of put a cookie-cutter plan together and wasn't listening when I told her the Army destroyed my knees. But the good news is, after an easy gym visit yesterday, I'm good today, so I'll start getting in there 2-3 days a week.
  2. FTL900

    High Sierra 2016

    On the not-so-big bikes, we'll be looking for fewer asphalt miles and more double track and fun dirt stuff. I'm gonna have to do some riding and some math to see what my guesstimated range will be on both bikes. Fortunately, we have 4 days of dirt planned for the first weekend in May, so that'll be a great opportunity to test the fuel range.
  3. FTL900

    ADV Fitness thread?

    I'm right there with Eric. At 61, I'm not gonna set the world on fire, so all I'm trying to do is find some balance between being a couch potato and running myself into cardiac arrest. I got back into the gym today for the first time, new regimen to me, so I took it easy today. 30 minutes on a bicycle, 30 minutes on a treadmill and I'm good. I'm not too worried about losing weight, although dropping 20 pounds wouldn't be bad, so for me, it's all about cardio and building some endurance.
  4. FTL900

    ADV Fitness thread?

    I joined a gym last week. Had my first appointment with a personal trainer. She put me through a lot of range of motion exercises, squats, things like that. Now my knee has been bothering me since last week. I'll go back in tomorrow, I've got to get on a regular schedule so I go the same days every week.
  5. FTL900

    A short from Taste of Dakar 2016

    I recognize some of those places. Great editing, and I love the music, it brings it all together!! Where did you find that?
  6. FTL900

    Taste of Dakar 2016

    Are you guys driving through Utah?? I've driven the Vegas to Seattle route a few times, usually avoiding California because of the 55 mph speed limit with a trailer and the L.A. congestion. Google maps says it's faster to cut down south through Nevada, but that is such a lost-in-the-desert route that I always go on over to Salt Lake City and follow I-15 down. It seems so much easier to stay on the freeway while travelling at a good speed (80 in Utah) vs. the Nevada route where you're going through small towns and speed traps, then empty desert and 2 lane roads with no cell signal for hours.
  7. FTL900

    High Sierra 2016

    I'm in +1, no big bikes tho... middle sized ones. I'll watch this page and facebook for signup.
  8. FTL900

    FNG in Vegas

    Not a great big XL ADV bike, but it fits me pretty good. I do much more dirt riding than street.
  9. FTL900

    FS: XLADV.com Reflective Stickers

    $5 sent from Las Vegas.. have anything larger? This guy does...