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  1. BigBearRider

    Baja Dec 26-31 or Jan 2

    It's now confirmed that we will fly down on the 24th, and return on the 1st. I'll ride next time.
  2. BigBearRider

    Baja Dec 26-31 or Jan 2

    From what I've read, they're working hard on the last 20 or so miles to connect the 5 with the 1. However, the new road won't go right next to Coco's.
  3. BigBearRider

    Baja Dec 26-31 or Jan 2

    Maybe the last few miles of pavement by Coco's extending the 5 to the 1 will be done by the Xmas. Unlikely, I know.
  4. BigBearRider

    Baja Dec 26-31 or Jan 2

    Wow. $250 a day seems steep. I don't think I feel the need for a support vehicle.
  5. BigBearRider

    Baja Dec 26-31 or Jan 2

    I think I prefer driving up or down the 5 on the east coast over the 1 for the reasons you state above. Too much stop and go once you get to within a few hours of Ensenada. Support vehicle? You know you've hit the big time when you have a support vehicle! What's the cost for that? What's the plan looking like now?
  6. BigBearRider

    Baja Norte Dec 26-31 2014

    Another great reason to go to Baja: Baja's La Cocina de Doña Esthela named FoodieHub “Best Breakfast in the World” Global culinary organization recognizes Valle de Guadalupe restaurant’s classic Mexican breakfasts. http://www.sandiegored.com/noticias/64101/Baja-s-La-Cocina-de-Dona-Esthela-named-FoodieHub-Best-Breakfast-in-the-World/
  7. BigBearRider

    BMW Baja Scrambler

    "Bloated GS"? It just has a few extra pounds in all the right places. "For Americans Beemers, it will be difficult to accept that the few prepared 'BAJA', will not be for sale." &%$#@!? AYFKM?
  8. BigBearRider

    Big BearRun

    I participated in the Big Bear Run a couple of times on my small bike. I also tried the Big Bear Moonlight Madness ride a few years ago. They are really nice events, and well-organized. I've never done the adventure route, so cannot speak about that. I used my Suzuki DRZ-400s, and did the easy route each time. For various reasons, I failed to finish in all of my three attempts. Last year, the easy route was very easy except for a long scorching death march through Rattlesnake Canyon and Lucerne Valley. I have e-mailed with Miguel Burgi (the Big Bear Trail Riders president) who assured me there is nothing like that on this year's route. I may enter this year again, unless I do the Bulls Only Dorado Tournament in Baja. If I enter, I will ride the Suzuki.
  9. BigBearRider

    The Seri Indians of Tiburon Island

    Didn't know about the Ballarat Bandit. Interesting story.
  10. BigBearRider

    How to be a Moto Photo

    That's really cool. I hobbled through the LA Marathon a couple of weeks ago. I hurt my ankle in a motorcycle accident a few years ago. It started to bother me around mile 3... I managed to complete the race, but it was a long day... I passed some of the offical motorcycles along the course. Next time, maybe I'll look for you.
  11. BigBearRider

    Baja Norte Dec 26-31 2014

    I've got a fever for Baja, and the only prescription is more Baja (or cowbell)... Got a couple of new Baja maps, and a few books. Baja Legends is a really nice read: http://www.amazon.com/Baja-Legends-Characters-Locations-California/dp/0932653472 What does one have to do to get a couple of warning points around here?
  12. BigBearRider

    The Seri Indians of Tiburon Island

    I read that article the other day. Bajabound often has nice articles. I also enjoyed the Coyotes and Dolphins of Sand Island article. In it, the author (who has walked the coast of Baja) references that he found a 30 lb bale of pot on the island.
  13. BigBearRider

    Baja Norte Dec 26-31 2014

    It hit 26 F on my temp guage when Tomek and I were on the road to Tecate. No snow though. I now wish we would have stopped at Tacos mis Tios. It's a great place. I could have a couple of their tacos right now...
  14. BigBearRider

    Baja Norte Dec 26-31 2014

    Can't you just photoshop it?
  15. BigBearRider

    Baja Norte Dec 26-31 2014

    Hey, wait a minute! I'm pretty sure that I took that pic at Alfonsina's.