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  1. It's now confirmed that we will fly down on the 24th, and return on the 1st. I'll ride next time.
  2. From what I've read, they're working hard on the last 20 or so miles to connect the 5 with the 1. However, the new road won't go right next to Coco's.
  3. Maybe the last few miles of pavement by Coco's extending the 5 to the 1 will be done by the Xmas. Unlikely, I know.
  4. Wow. $250 a day seems steep. I don't think I feel the need for a support vehicle.
  5. I think I prefer driving up or down the 5 on the east coast over the 1 for the reasons you state above. Too much stop and go once you get to within a few hours of Ensenada. Support vehicle? You know you've hit the big time when you have a support vehicle! What's the cost for that? What's the plan looking like now?
  6. Another great reason to go to Baja: Baja's La Cocina de Doña Esthela named FoodieHub “Best Breakfast in the World” Global culinary organization recognizes Valle de Guadalupe restaurant’s classic Mexican breakfasts.
  7. "Bloated GS"? It just has a few extra pounds in all the right places. "For Americans Beemers, it will be difficult to accept that the few prepared 'BAJA', will not be for sale." &%$#@!? AYFKM?
  8. I participated in the Big Bear Run a couple of times on my small bike. I also tried the Big Bear Moonlight Madness ride a few years ago. They are really nice events, and well-organized. I've never done the adventure route, so cannot speak about that. I used my Suzuki DRZ-400s, and did the easy route each time. For various reasons, I failed to finish in all of my three attempts. Last year, the easy route was very easy except for a long scorching death march through Rattlesnake Canyon and Lucerne Valley. I have e-mailed with Miguel Burgi (the Big Bear Trail Riders president) who assured me there is nothing like that on this year's route. I may enter this year again, unless I do the Bulls Only Dorado Tournament in Baja. If I enter, I will ride the Suzuki.
  9. Didn't know about the Ballarat Bandit. Interesting story.
  10. That's really cool. I hobbled through the LA Marathon a couple of weeks ago. I hurt my ankle in a motorcycle accident a few years ago. It started to bother me around mile 3... I managed to complete the race, but it was a long day... I passed some of the offical motorcycles along the course. Next time, maybe I'll look for you.
  11. I've got a fever for Baja, and the only prescription is more Baja (or cowbell)... Got a couple of new Baja maps, and a few books. Baja Legends is a really nice read: What does one have to do to get a couple of warning points around here?
  12. I read that article the other day. Bajabound often has nice articles. I also enjoyed the Coyotes and Dolphins of Sand Island article. In it, the author (who has walked the coast of Baja) references that he found a 30 lb bale of pot on the island.
  13. It hit 26 F on my temp guage when Tomek and I were on the road to Tecate. No snow though. I now wish we would have stopped at Tacos mis Tios. It's a great place. I could have a couple of their tacos right now...
  14. Can't you just photoshop it?
  15. Hey, wait a minute! I'm pretty sure that I took that pic at Alfonsina's.