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  1. Traskrider

    BMW Motorrad Tank Bag

    Gets weathered and zippers don't hold up very well. High price
  2. Traskrider

    BMW Motorrad Tank Bag

    1 review

    Waterproof, expandable main compartment. Splash proof map compartment. Mounts directly onto the fuel tank with snap buckles. Capacities vary by model.
  3. Traskrider

    Rox Speed FX Pivoting Handlebar Risers

    Makes standing up much more comfortable off road. Great product very well made !
  4. Traskrider

    Touratech USA Explore Front Shock (BMW Telelever)

    Excellent suspension! Very adjustable.
  5. 2 reviews

    ouratech Suspension is the world’s first purpose-built shock absorber for long-distance touring with a fully-loaded motorcycle. Right out of the box, it has the strength, features and adjustments to go the distance on the R1200GS or GSA with luggage. The Touratech Explore front shock is over-built by design with heavy-duty materials, over-sized components, spring pre-load adjustment, and adjustable rebound dampening. This shock has been specifically developed for optimum performance on BMW’s Telelever front end. We’ve put the shock through rigorous testing in real-world adventure touring environments to make sure it functions well on your R1200GS or GSA. This front shock is available in both a standard height and a low version which drops the seat by 2 inches. Use the drop down menu to select the standard or low version. It’s recommended to upgrade the rear shock at the same time you upgrade the front shock.
  6. Traskrider

    Touratech USA Extreme Rear Shock

    Doesn't get any better than this Suspension IMO, Fully adjustable and is great for loaded and two up Hard riding !
  7. Traskrider

    Touratech USA Extreme Rear Shock

    1 review

    We let the mad-scientists build the shock of their dreams with this product. When we asked for the absolute highest performance shock they could imagine, they developed the Touratech Extreme Shock. If NASA built suspension for the R1200GS they’d be happy with this one. You know the feeling… you see a pot hole last minute and feel the force of the hit radiate through your body as your shock bottoms out. Well, the Touratech Extreme Shock has advanced technology to make bottoming out a thing of the past. This shock has a secondary compression dampener that goes into action when your shock approaches the end of its stroke. Combine this PDS “bottoming control technology” with a remote reservoir, fully adjustable high-speed and low-speed compression dampening, adjustable rebound dampening, remote reservoir, low friction seals and 50% more preload adjustment than other shocks on the market and you begin to see why this is the shock of choice for R1200GS or GSA riders who want the ultimate in touring performance.
  8. Traskrider

    BMW R1200 GS Adventure 2008

    The greatest Bike I've owned to date, Opened a world of back road fun !!
  9. Traskrider

    BMW R1200 GS Adventure (2008)


    The greatest Bike I've owned to date, Opened a world of back road fun !!
  10. Traskrider

    What I LOVE about BMW (Motorrad)

    I've not ever Been a BMW fan, until I started dreaming of going on long off road trips. Just to much asphalt out there and I felt like it was all the same no matter where I went ( Big Harley Miles). Let the shopping begin ! Google was my friend and Adv sites , It needed to be a bike that two can ride on loaded for weeks at a time. Through exhausting reading, testing and talking the GS Adventure was the bike to have.08 GSA and now after 48k miles the bike is such a part of me with who I've met and rode with and have seen, I cant see me going back full time to a dedicated road bike. It changes something in a guy when a bike can open the world (My eyes) to life that has been missed for many years. But having the time of my life catching up !! My two cents you Smug Arrogant Bastards !!
  11. Traskrider

    BestRest Product’s Northwest Passage Adventure Route

    I watched this a week or so ago, got plans already to hit this summer sometime. Just looks like great fun !!