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    It's great bike with a lot of features and ready to ride. A few choice accessories makes it even better. I am very pleased with the power, performance and handling of the motorcycle. It flicks like a sport bike but rides off road easily too. I am very pleased and looking forward to many more miles.
  1. Hi, I am interested in getting back into BMW ownership. I found a nice looking, clean R1150GS with about 55k miles on it locally. It has handguards, heated grips and panniers (nothing fancy, black plastic) and looks to be in good shape. The price is right, but I haven't owned a Beemer in over 20 years and that was an early 80's model. What are some the primary concerns or things I should look at? I plan to ride it a lot, and would like some insight into the longevity of the beast. I will hit some minor trails, but I prefer the standard style riding position to the cruiser style. I do ride off road on dedicated machines, so this won't be my only ride.