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  1. Zook

    GUILTY as charged!

    We don't even have a Starbucks in my town. But my Vstrom may have been spotted on occasion at the Dunkin Doughnuts.
  2. Zook

    RANT…. Who hates the wave?

    I always feel guilty if I don't wave back. Maybe we could kick one leg out at each other. It tends to freak people out when I ride around standing up.
  3. Zook

    A little buying help

    As everyone has said the bikes you are looking at will all do what you want. Some are better are certain parts than others. its always a compromise. I ride a suzuki vstrom 650 adventure and it fits my short legs and small stature. I didn't need the 1000. This one even loaded with my chub and 150 pounds of camping and fishing gear will still go faster than I am willing to go. Consider dealer availability for parts and service. There are big differences in what it costs to maintain some of the bikes you are looking at. look at gas mileage differences as well. It is nice to be able to get 50 miles to a gallon without really working at it. Look at available add ons because half the fun is customizing it to fit your style and purpose.
  4. Zook

    Why we ride

    I thought this guy said it perfectly
  5. Zook

    Hello from Iowa

    There are not a lot of better places to ride than the Appalachian mountains. Lots of choices between twistys and dirt back roads. There are a couple of motorcycle only campgrounds I use.
  6. Found it online. $888.00. Think I will wait.
  7. Zook

    Vstrom gathering east

    There is a gathering of Vstrom riders at the Iron Horse motorcycle campground in Stecoah NC May 12th through 14th. All bikes are welcome. Great riding and camping. The lodge cooks 2 meals a day and the food is great.
  8. Zook


    I hit a rooster pheasant long time ago riding a gravel road at night in Iowa. My head light lit him up and he jumped out of the ditch right into my path. I tried to turtle my head into my body but he caught me right square in the forehead. Almost took me off the back of the bike, a little 185 Suzuki enduro. Pre helmet required days and I was young enough to believe myself indestructible.
  9. Zook

    Hello From North Carolina

    There is a Vstrom gathering just a bit west of you in the mountains at Iron horse motorcycle lodge on May 12 , 13 , and 14th. All bikes are welcome but of course we all have a soft spot for any Suzuki.
  10. Zook

    Hello from Iowa

    I grew up riding Iowa gravel roads near Newton. I moved to eastern North Carolina 20 years ago. EVERYTHING here is paved until I ride 4 hours west to the mountains.
  11. Zook

    Hello from Virginia

    I have been to the Shenandoah valley. Nice rides there. Not too far from where I live. I have a son in Roanoke, his house sometimes serves as base camp for a riding/fishing expedition.
  12. Zook

    Hello from North Carolina

    Thanks! Sometimes I go with the hammock sometimes with a tent. Kind of depends on expected weather and trees. They each have their advantages and disadvantages.
  13. I am a Vstrom riding fly fisherman camper. A dual sport bike is a great platform for fly fishing the trout streams of the Appalachian mountains.