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  1. HeavyHustler

    Dakar 2019

    Can't believe they had no footage of his 'stuckness' lol
  2. HeavyHustler

    GPX 5.5 Enduro Jacket from Leatt

    So GG, you can't push in the areas you are using as a slot? Like in my pic above....? I use to use the inserts until i figured out that I could compress those areas.
  3. HeavyHustler

    GPX 5.5 Enduro Jacket from Leatt

    Your neck brace will just sit on top of the jersey. You will need to push the slots inwards like in the how to pics.
  4. HeavyHustler

    ICON Helmets Statement

    I started to look at some of my helmets and found over half are polycarbonate helmets.
  5. HeavyHustler

    Counteract Ready Balanced Tubes

    Interesting. I've never heard of beads being used inside a tube..... Have you tried one Eric?
  6. HeavyHustler

    Counteract Ready Balanced Tubes

    Seems like a load of shit..........so the tube will balance the whole tyre and wheel? What's the tube filled with, Ride On?
  7. HeavyHustler

    Dakar 2018

    Is there a way to see how the malle moto guys are ranking?
  8. HeavyHustler

    Dakar 2018

    Lyndon's been sick all week. Stomach virus or something. Still hacking up a lung before starting.
  9. HeavyHustler

    Dakar 2018

    Intersted in finding some good daily coverage of the damn race! IOMTT can do it.........
  10. HeavyHustler

    BITD Vegas to Reno '17

    RIP Chris Carlisle.
  11. HeavyHustler

    '12 990 ABS Removal

    So the first thing that comes to mind is, even though I have the fuses removed, if that brain box is not attached the speedo will not work. Not sure how or why but it's still functioning on some degree???
  12. HeavyHustler

    '12 990 ABS Removal

    Eric- Rear brake is now working almost too well! lol Baller- interested in how your removing the loom will work.
  13. HeavyHustler

    '12 990 ABS Removal

    So I have been planning on removing my ABS off my 2012 990 for a while now. 3 reasons: One I've not had a bike that had it before so I'm not fussed really. The second is my abs system wasn't functioning properly, I dented the front ring, so I pulled the fuses for it. Thirdly, I had no rear brake. During removal I found the fluid to be dark brown and very little of it in the rear system??? So after some research I found this fellow riders plan of attack- however I did a few things different (in red). KNOBIE I removed mine. Not just the fuses but almost the entire thing. Here's how it went: Bike is a 2012 990ADV-S (white) with 3000mi on it. (Same as mine.) 1. Removed the 2 ABS fuses on the right side of the skid plate (20A and 40A) 2. Removed the rear wheel pick up sensor. 3. Removed the rear wheel metering disk. 4. Removed the brake line from the rear MC to the ABS pump. 5. Removed the other rear brake line from the ABS pump and connected it to the MC by routing it under and around the swing arm's bolt. This gives it enough strain relief for the suspension to work. Ziptied the line to the frame so it clears the brake pedal connection rod to the MC. (I looped mine as you will see in the pictures. I also taped up the connector for the rear sensor, see pictures.) 6. Removed the brake line connecting the front MC and the ABS pump. 7. Removed the brake line coming from the front calipers off of the ABS pump and re-connected it to the front MC.It took some innovative routing due to the extra length and different angle of the banjo crimped terminal but it worked fine. Maybe one day I'll buy a shorter brake line. Not worried about it. (I was able to snag a set of used 950 brakes lines for $40 and I bought a double banjo bolt off eBay for $15) 8. Removed the ABS completely off the bike. However this caused the speedometer to stop working! 9. Removed the electronics box from the ABS pump and reconnected it to the bike's harness. This fixed the electronics issue without side effects other than a red ABS light (on all the time with ignition on). 10. I had to make a plate with 4 holes to seal up the ABS electronics box (has an o-ring). 11. Bled the brake lines. Easier than I thought. 12. Relocated the ABS electronics box within its original underseat box which resulted in a much larger storage compartment. (So far mine is just sitting in the empty box as I have no pics of where he relocates his.) 13. The front pick up sensor and disk remained installed as it feeds the speedometer/odometer function. The ABS electronics box needs to remain connected to its harness. 14. The 2 fuses still removed. Results: - Positive, firm feel for both brakes - More storage - 5lbs lighter - Easier brake bleeding - NO MORE ABS! - All reversible if needed. No alterations to any of the original parts needed. The pictures show the various parts I removed from the areas I found them. I also added the hose guides from the older 950 model and routed the front lines a little bit differently. Everything seems to stay in place. Cheers, Mark
  14. HeavyHustler

    GPX 5.5 Enduro Jacket from Leatt

    Colar over the jacket, then just pull the red tabbed bands out and stretch over the wings on the NB. Works for me.
  15. HeavyHustler

    R100GS / HPN #819

    the Hippo.