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  1. TiresWheelsBrakes

    I like paddles! And I have about 6k on my 805s now, probably won't make 8k, but for the price, I will probably get more of them!
  2. TiresWheelsBrakes

    I've been very happy with mine and railing around a lot of cars on the outside of on ramps! Haven't found the limit yet.
  3. TiresWheelsBrakes

    Really, what is the other 10% for? Or is it only for riding at 90%?!
  4. I think ground clearance and suspension are the big factors. I consider the Multi and the Versys ADV bikes. 17" wheels are not great, but they aren't a major limiting factor IMO. I've raced Supermoto against Jeremy McGrath and Jeff Ward and those guys could go faster on dirt with 17" slicks than I ever could on brand new knobbys!
  5. Can't sleep on my back, hammocks are out.
  6. I love the video that says Jocelin is tough to keep up with, but a mini van blows by both of you!?!
  7. Hi Brian, Congrats on the new bike, my buddy just got the same one. It is very quick! He is still figuring out the electronics, it won't let him wheelie now. Check out the Pacific North Wet section of ADVRider forums for local rides in your area. There is some great riding all over, but Mt Hood is especially fun.
  8. Saddle sore doesn't sound like my kind of thing. I am more of a go fast for short periods of time type.
  9. Hi Flappy, I'm not sure if we are going to ride over on the big bikes or take my buddy's motorhome with a trailer and the 650/690s? We can exchange contact info or plan a meeting when plans finalize. Maybe we can have an XLADV meetup? What is "SS1K", maybe "Saddle Sore"?
  10. The site is very large and there are hundreds of miles of trails and fire roads to explore in the area.
  11. I went last year for the first time and it was a lot of fun. There is a lot of great riding over there and camping and partying with hundreds of other ADV enthusiasts is a blast. There are many vendors with all kinds of cool products from little gizmos to whole motorcycles you can try out. There are some great learning opportunities with Jimmy Lewis, Dirt First, and PSSOR doing classes. There is a huge tent area for those riding in, but also an RV area if you want to trailer in too. They offer guided tours for any skill level, or you can just make up your own using the supplied GPS maps. There is food, beer, and gas available right across the street, but those great vendors usually have a keg flowing in the evening. Last year there were about 800 people making it the largest ADV rally in the US, I believe. This year they are going to actually limit attendance to about 1000 and early bird tickets sales end in February, so don't delay. See you there!, Pete
  12. Funny thing is, as concerns automatic cars, I am that guy! I don't own an an auto trans car, but I love my Rekluses, all 3 of them and the left hand brakes too. In fact, on one bike I have no clutch lever at all. I think I would like the DCT too, but would prefer to shift myself. I have no love for manually operating the clutch, when the Rekluse does such a good job of it.
  13. Actually, Andrew Short was 17th, Samuels was 21st. Well done to both!
  14. Barreda injured his knee on Sat (when he won), but it was not broken as he feared and he will continue to race.
  15. I saw some talk last night about snow and cutting some of the stage out. Looks like Kevin Benavides may take the overall lead for Honda?!