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  1. Barreda injured his knee on Sat (when he won), but it was not broken as he feared and he will continue to race.
  2. I saw some talk last night about snow and cutting some of the stage out. Looks like Kevin Benavides may take the overall lead for Honda?!
  3. Added some decals to the bike in honor of the race going on right now!
  4. Some quick math tells me the difference in these two ranges is 1.9", not 1.2"?
  5. You can see the Malle Moto standings at by clicking the "class" button at the top of the chart and choosing malle moto. It looks like Lyndon was leading yesterday, but he is not in yet today. It seems to be an even gnarlier course than usual this year?!
  6. I am testing a beta version of the Rekluse auto clutch on my Vstrom 1000 right now and like it so far, but need to get it on more dirt.
  7. I saw Jocelin ride Jimmy Lewis' challenge course at the Touratech West Rally this year. She was one of about 6 people to do the course with no dabs. She was the only woman and the smallest person on the largest bike (1200GSA with boxes!). I didn't make it. She is a very impressive rider! Hope she makes the final!
  8. I have a Spot Gen3 and love it. My wife no longer wonders where I am. It gives you a private google map with location pins that send every 10 minutes. Plus you can send massages to emails or SOS. I think it about $150/year, worth every cent!
  9. I got a set of Black Widow slip on mufflers off ebay from the UK and am very happy with them. They are very nice stainless steel with beautiful welds and high quality clamps. They fit well and have a nice sound without being too loud with the inserts installed. They are much lighter than the original mufflers, roughly 20lbs less for the pair. They were also a very reasonable price, just over $300 shipped to the USA!
  10. Looks similar to the Shinko 705, but I am sure costs more.
  11. Looks like good technology, but the helmet style begs for Kevlar shorts and flip flops to accompany it!?
    Great review! But I am curious about a couple of things. What do you mean by "engage gearing" and why do you have to stop to do it? Also, why won't the bike brake slide the back tire and then spin it? It has the ability to disengage the rear ABS, correct? And a 1000 twin should be able to spin the tire with the traction control off.
  12. Not sure if it will hold up, but the "parking brake" sounds like it would work like a rear hand brake? If so, you should try it, once you get used to it, it is the best thing ever! Brake sliding into right hand turns with your foot down rules!
  13. I just replaced the 525 chain on my Vstrom because it was going tight in one section. It wasn't stiff, just rode high on the rear sprocket as if it stretched in the one section? The sprockets didn't look too bad, but didn't like that feel. I went to a 530 because that is what my old SV1k ran and it seemed the right size for a liter twin. So an SV 17t front sprocket from PBI, a 42t JT steel rear for a GSXR1k, and a DID X-ring 530 chain went on for a much smoother ride. That should last a while.
  14. I think this is a great idea, but not as good as the Rekluse rear hand brake!