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    Robbed at Gunpoint in Nevada

    Considering I've lived in Vegas for 23 years, I can tell you this state is and always has been run by corrupt thugs. And the last few years it's being overtaken by corrupt California transplant thugs. That's not likey to change in my lifetime. All that being said, XLAdv.com is technically a "Nevada" run website... So that's gonna make boycotting the state a little tricky..lol
  2. Brian Wilson

    eric, i swear i am not trying to ruin your reputation...

    I forgot to post an update. We fixed this on October 31. Sorry for forgetting to post it was fixed.
  3. Brian Wilson

    eric, i swear i am not trying to ruin your reputation...

    We found the issue and are currently working on a fix. I will update when issue resolved.
  4. Brian Wilson

    Drop downs for Product listing not working for Safari or Chrome

    We just pushed an update that should have resolved this bug about 10 minutes ago. You may need to hit the "refresh" button in your browser when viewing the page for your device to fetch the bug fix for the page. Thanks for reporting it
  5. Brian Wilson

    New ADV rider from Montana

    Welcome aboard! Sounds like you combined the love for street and dirt in the ADV world. Nice!
  6. Brian Wilson

    Xladv in tapatalk

    Ok. I'll do some more testing on it in the morning. I'm pretty sure I can allow the app through the firewall with the right combination of settings.
  7. Brian Wilson

    Xladv in tapatalk

    It's happening because you're in India. That is one of the countries our firewall monitors for spam. I just made a change to the firewall that should resolve the issue. Can you please check it and see if the app is working for you now.
  8. Brian Wilson

    Xladv in tapatalk

    Just to confirm. What country are you posting from? The browser check is something we do for specific countries that have a high rate of bots attacking the site. I see your profile lists Washington, but I know that people travel so I'm curious if you're in a different location at the moment. If you are in the US, you may have stumble on a bug we need to fix.
  9. Brian Wilson

    Paris B.C.

    Now that looks like some relaxing riding scenery!
  10. Brian Wilson

    Edit my own article?

    Articles are not connected to forum topics at the moment. They will be in a few weeks... But at the moment there is no way to move from an article to a forum other than copy/paste. I know that's not the answer you were hoping for.
  11. test share Wales - pictures and gps-data download XLADV https://t.co/xbggBxmXQ0

  12. Carb question - I just finish the top end and have the engine back in the bike. I am moving on to the carbureto... https://t.co/j2OfUvRsA3

  13. 2017 super cross champ Roczen or Dungy - I for one am stoked for the start of the 2017 SX season. With the fiel... https://t.co/KPTP6SG4Nf

  14. Acceptable age for new tires? - Just purchased new Starcross 5 tires online. Front tire manufactured sept. 2015... https://t.co/k3nuqkGZyi

  15. An attack on the rights of law abiding citizens does nothing to reduce crime.

  16. This holiday shopping season I am boycotting every single retail store that forces employees to leave their family to open for "black friday"...on THURSDAY!

  17. Worse than when he helped kill campus carry? https://t.co/t19X23arS2

  18. "For those who get it, no explanation is necessary. For those who don’t, no explanation is possible."

  19. If any of you need a plane ticket...message me. I'm happy to do my part and donate a flight out of here! (especially Sharpton)

  20. You know question 1 is HORRIBLE for nevada when even the anti-gun Steve Wynn has now come out against it.

  21. Q1 will cause a massive spike in gun crime. Don't be fooled by the false promises #vote #NoOn1 to prevent increased gun crime!

  22. Flipping through channels and I come across a cop show where they are giving a field sobriety test. And it got me thinking. After years of racing motocross in my youth, I couldn't pass some of these tests on my best day due to injures and various parts of my body being held together by plates and screws. So, if your invoking your right to remain silent (always the best policy), what do you do when asked to stand on one foot or walk a straight line?

  23. When huffpo is running anti-Clinton articles, you know the mountain of corruption surrounding her has reached such critical mass that even the most liberal news outlet in America can no longer turn a blind eye.Get out and VOTE! it's not to late to stop the Clinton corruption train from railroading our nation out of existence.

  24. I've been warning for the last 2 years about the corruption of electing the Clinton ruling class as president. Now, with 11 days before the election the FBI publicly reopens an investigation they had closed more than 3 months ago.There is ONLY ONE possible reason they would release this information now instead of waiting 2 weeks after the election.Whatever the new evidence is that has come to light is of such a severe and compelling criminal nature that by not releasing it immediately...