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  1. I just swapped out my stock 55/60w headlight halogen bulb with a fan cooled 22/32w LED unit...holy cow,that's some bright light..time for a night ride...as soon as the typhoon rain stops up here I'll go for a night ride and take some pics...but against the shop wall the difference is amazing...and drawing 28 watts less on high beam...bonus
  2. BruceT

    Hi from Long Island

    I 'll keep posting pics from BC so you won't get too homesick......Kentucky Lake Elevation 4000ft
  3. BruceT

    Added some BARK to the Tiger...

    does this "slip on" make my Triumph look phat?......much better look,I can't believe how big that stock can is...is it a Catalytic too?
  4. Because you will go over the edge... Now that I have your attention,I have a recent trip report for the interior of BC. I had the opportunity to go to Penticton BC to quote a small reno project for a friend(3hrs drive by super-slab which is in the interior lake region of BC) Well putting two and two and two together I thought I would just make it a couple day trip and do a giant loop around the interior then back to the Fraser Valley where I live. It's probably about a 400+ mile round trip but I forgot to reset my odometer before I started(oops)... I left this past Thursday morning around 0800 trying to avoid any potential rain showers that were looming over the valley mountains. Well I missed the window and got absolutely dumped on in several places along Highway 3 Crowsnest Pass,this is a mountain route that passes through EC Manning Provincial Park,the views can be quite stunning when the clouds are out of the way...here's a couple shots I managed to get.. Well it finally stopped raining and warmed up when I reached Princeton,but I did find out my boots are no longer waterproof ugh( wet feet),so I got fuel then drained my boots...lol then the road opened up and it was time to eat up some miles in the 80f weather thru Hedley Quite often through this part of Hwy 3 there are Dahl Sheep having "lunch or dinner" along this section of the road(watch out,they are dumber than deer). At Keremeos I turned toward Penticton on Hwy 3a a beautiful secondary road through a narrow valley full of orchards and vineyards,in the heat you can smell the fruit in the air. From here it's a short hop to Penticiton,but with holiday traffic..(read Europeans in rented motorhomes) it was still a great ride though at a much reduced speed. Now I'm deep into wine country...hmmm tasting or riding,such decisions I got through Penticton relatively unscathed other than the 90f heat,now onto Kelowna to stay with a buddy and fellow rider and share some malted beverages. The next morning it was off to Vernon to see a cousin of mine that I hadn't seen for 25yrs,through the miracle of Facebook we actually began chatting for quite awhile(crazy social media). I got a suggestion from my buddy in Kelowna to ride the Westside rd from Vernon to Westbank on my return trip,well holy cow ,what a sweet road,twisties,incredible views,more Dahl sheep,the odd deer,perfect ride,and it's all secondary road that circumnavigates the bustling Kelowna area...yeah ! especially on a Friday. Full service stop in Vernon There was a spot of road construction on the road but it was on a stop for 10 minutes for blasting then we were on our way. I stopped for a quick bite to eat in Westbank then put old old Honda back on the road home. Much to my disappointment I had to fight some ugly headwinds and crosswinds all the way home, about 250 miles..oh well,beats watching paint dry... Last shot of going home..EC Manning Park at one of the truck brake check points near the Manning Park Lodge. thanks for coming along
  5. BruceT

    Sequoia NF day ride

    good work getting the "rhinos" thru that scrub
  6. jeepers, are you guys sure you didn't take a wrong turn at Albuquerque ?..that looks more like the surface of Mars,,,, cool ride,thanks for taking us along....
  7. BruceT

    greetings from just north of the border...eh

    shoot me a message if you do get over this way Bryan,I'm only 20 mins from B'Ham
  8. here is a link I found courtesy of Road Runner Travel Magazine for a map of the route. http://www.roadrunner.travel/magazine/map/march-april-2014/page/18/
  9. BruceT

    Highline Road South Western BC

    We might be a little prejudice up here,but its true....well, Utah has a couple trails too.....come up and try it,you'll like it...:-)
  10. Peta..(Good one Eric)...oh the carnage!!...I'm calling Fox News,they will get to bottom of this. It was only 90 here yesterday and I was cooking on the bike,I can't imagine adding some Florida humidity to that...do you ride with mesh gear?...That river needs a flyrod and tagging some bass....love it
  11. BruceT

    greetings from just north of the border...eh

    thanks Bryan, that is Mt Baker in Wa,a gorgeous 1.5 hr drive through Mt Baker National Forrest, there is a small volcano vent on the south east side,climbed it in my twenties,in the winter it's a ski area on the next mountain over Mt Shuksan,amazing snow...it's also the backdrop view from my home many miles away.
  12. I live just a few blocks north of the 49th Parallel,which gives us access to some amazing scenery,mountains and lakes abound both here in B.C and Washington State. we are the gateway to Alaska with both pavement rides and countless numbers of off road miles, you can actually ride off the highway north almost to the northern BC border if you have the urge to go to Alaska via a little different path. ride safe ,ride often!
  13. A couple weeks ago I needed to go over to Vancouver Island to visit our son who lives in Cowichan Bay.I thought why not take the "long" way to Cow Bay, via the Coastal marine Route...I talked to my riding partner about the trip and he was in. Well if we are going I need to look at rental properties in Courtenay further north for our son,let's add that,my buddy has family in Campbell River,hmm well let's add that to the trip. So that trip that started out as a quick jaunt across the Georgia Strait by Ferry and a 45 minute ride to my son's house ended up being a 500 mile ride and 3 days of soaking up the Island roads and scenery. Now I grew up on Vancouver Island many many years ago and so did my riding partner,but it was still a treat to ride the Coastal Highway#14 around to Port Renfrew and over to Lake Cowichan then north to Campbell River. We did several stops on the way,we weren't in a rush because the forecast was sunny and warm for the week,so from the Fraser Valley to the Tsawassen ferry terminal for the 0700 boat to Victoria,the first stop on the Island was at a favourite local bakery in Saanich a quiet suburb of Victoria for amazing fresh apple fritters and a good grande beverage to start the trip. From there we traversed Victoria on Hwy #1 to Langford where we changed to Hwy #14 to Sooke and Port Renfrew. The bustle of the morning commuters behind us we set throttles for some open road. i should probably clarify here a bit about our motorcycles for this foray into the "wilds" of B.C. My riding partner's bike is a 2015 V Strom 1000,what a great machine,my bike is a 1980 Honda 750 Custom which I have had since new,we are quite a site when we ride together,my bike all shiney chrome and paint and the VStrom all business caked on mud and dirt ready for anything. The trip up Hwy #14 was beautiful nice windy road and next to nothing for traffic,I was worried about the German Renta Motorhome invasion that happens over here every year but I think we dodged that one in the twisties thank goodness.But you still had to keep your eyes peeled for the empty logging trucks rushing back north for another load off the Pacific Marine road logging trunk. The Scenic route claims a modest 175 mile round trip but we never checked actual mileage. The lookout view points closer to Port Renfrew were all fogged in so nothing was to be seen with a half mile of the beach head, too bad some great views of seals and Orcas can be seen quite often through that area. The Pacific Marine road was a gravel logging truck road for many years until they finally paved it making it passable for cars as well not just trucks to soak up all the bumps. One thing to be aware is that there are lots of logging trucks (have I said that yet?) don't cut the apex on corners to straighten out the road,it's like riding in Jamaica.(you never know when a cane truck is coming in your lane).We made it through to Lake Cowichan to fuel my Honda,the Strom still had lots of range yet without even seeing one game animal,harumpf.The Island has some of the biggest Elk you have ever seen,just beautiful this time of year just starting to grow antlers and velvet,that area also has some massive record book Black Bear as well(didn't see them either). Well onward to Qualicum for a malted beverage(the sun must be over a yardarm somewhere?). After lunch we made a couple other stops for pictures and a Grande beverage on our way north and we meandered our way up to Campbell River on the old Hwy #19 which for the most part goes right next to the ocean in many areas. We did only take the day to get to Campbell River but it was how we did it,you can jump from the ferry and hit the Inland Hwy and be in Campbell River in short order,but that's not my cup of tea. I prefer to soak it in,and on a 30+ yr old bike that's the best method. I did some more riding around the north end of the island to visit old friends and look at rentals for our son but it still was an ADV trip,only because we took the "long way round"(sorry Ewan) if you ever get the chance go for a ride on the "rock",you will be pleasantly surprised. ps. there are maps and gps trax of this route available online if you are interested... thanks for reading along. Bruce