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  1. Camel ADV

    The Adventure Rally - Sierra 2017

    Preventative solution: Camel Brace Product Page Product intro Camel Brace
  2. I totally missed it when I was scanning the list!
  3. You can add Mountain Equipment Coop/MEC to the list (Canadian equivalent to REI).
  4. Camel ADV

    Videos of Big Bikes Being Ridden Well!

    A video from the Desert 100 last weekend.
  5. Camel ADV

    Kenda Desert 100

    I think he could be on a Ural and still stomp everyone so I doubt giving him the 950ADV with make much difference.
  6. Camel ADV

    Kenda Desert 100

    Matt, Adrian and I will be back. I think we have 3 or 4 "new to the D100" riders headed down with us. Luke said he was racing this year on this 701 as well. I'm trying to convince Pat to come down again.
  7. Camel ADV

    Info Needed for Russian Visa

    Not recent experience (2009), I expect things may have changed but this may help. Single and double entry tourist VISAs were easy to get when we went but we needed a 3 entry (into Russia originally, out into Mongolia, back into Russia, out into Kazakhstan and then back into Russia). We ended up needing a multi-entry, 6 month business visa which was a nightmare to get. We got all of our visas through https://www.visahq.ca and they had some suggestions that ultimately worked and we got what we needed. Visa HQ was a good resource, check them out if you haven't yet. Cory
  8. Camel ADV

    Honda CRF1000L-Problems

    Yeah, I bought the bike used (from a reputable dealer) and the previous owner didn't know or maybe didn't care about the airbox issue. The top end was toast. It did get replaced under warranty; KTM was awesome to deal with.
  9. Camel ADV

    Honda CRF1000L-Problems

    The bike in the above video is mine...still in the shop. The dealer and Honda Canada have no idea what the issue is... I'm pushing for a new bike. The first 1000km were excellent and I was really happy with the bike. The DCT took some getting used to but once I got some miles on it I was very impressed. Despite what you may think, the dual clutch set up works extremely well in the dirt. I'm really bummed that it's sitting in the shop while the short Canadian riding season ticks away.
  10. Camel ADV

    Women's GS Trophy

    I know and have ridden with Caroline (Canada) and Rosa (Brazil). The both handle a big bike very well. Should be an entertaining qualifier!
  11. On the way home we hit sections of the WABDR and some forest service roads once back into BC and Alberta.
  12. Rafting on Saturday: Chad on his way to winning the obstacle course; he's a very skilled rider!
  13. On Friday we rode route 11 lead by Eric from Touratech. It was dry and dusty with temps near 110F. Anytime we weren't moving we were looking for shade. Credit for a bunch of these photos goes to Chad Yoshitomi.